How to Assess Goodwill When Buying or Selling a Business

How to Assess Goodwill When Buying or Selling a Business

Goodwill, much like it sounds, is a company’s positive reputation. More specifically, business goodwill is an accounting term that describes intangible assets. In essence, a company’s brand name, loyal customer base, good public reputation, and patents, for example. An intangible asset cannot be quantified like sales or property but is just as important in determining a business's value before a sale.

Overpaying versus Greater Value

Although intangible, goodwill can be calculated. As it serves as an important measure to determine an accurate selling price, it is also a useful tool to prevent overpaying during a business sale. The best and easiest way to calculate this value is by subtracting the fair market value of a business’s tangible assets from the total business value. That being said, “overpaying” depends on whom you ask. Someone with experience both buying and selling a business can argue for the unmistakable value of goodwill.

Goodwill may be listed on a balance sheet if the business owner purchased the business and a value was allocated to goodwill. It is possible to purchase a business at a higher price than the value of its assets. In many cases, goodwill makes a business more sought after as it can translate to greater sales as customer loyalty cannot be quantified but can determine if a business will be successful even after ownership has transferred.

What assets are considered goodwill?

  • Brand name and recognition
  • Solid customer base and supplier lists
  • Good customer relationships
  •  Website and domain name
  • Copyrights, trademarks, and patents
  • Licenses and permits
  •  Good employee relations
  • Expectation of future economic benefits
  • Managerial and executive talent and innovation
  • Processes and training systems
  • Reputation, etc.

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