How to Sell Your Business with Transworld Business Advisors

How to Sell Your Business with Transworld Business Advisors

Successfully selling your business is tough, but with the guidance of the experts at Transworld Business Advisors you can get it done!  At Transworld we have detailed and proven steps, to ensure the process stays on track.  You need to continue to run your business to ensure it continues to be profitable, right through the sale date.   Let the professionals at Transworld take you through the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Understanding your goals

The first step is to see what your future plans entail. Your broker will ask you about your future and analyze everything from operations to finances, and then will evaluate relevant market standing, potential, and trends. With this extensive information, a profile is created that will give you options to consider.

Step 2: Deciding on the Right List Price

With a market analysis, we can help you determine the right listing price. Based on your profits, current financials, market standing, growth potential and more, we help you find a competitive price that will maximize your market potential and eventual sale price.

Step 3: Market the Sale Confidentially

With Transworld’s network of buyers and sellers being so extensive, we have mastered marketing your business in a vetted platform without compromising confidentiality. We understand the importance of confidentiality and urge you work with us by keeping your future plans top secret.

Our budget for marketing is higher than our competitors. This is because we understand the importance of being aggressive, while not exposing your business. This helps increase the competition and interest in your business. We use all of the important information a buyer would require to make an offer, while not revealing your identity. We understand the importance of not revealing the sale to competitors and employees before the time is right.

Step 4: Find the Best Fit

Potential buyers are vetted before they receive any specific information about your sale. Once again, confidentiality is key and we work diligently to protect it. Once negotiations can begin, we require that all parties sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your proprietary information.

In our network, buyers are not only vetted for financial ability but their backgrounds and ability to get deals done. Your broker will only present you with potential buyers that have demonstrated they have the resources to move forward.

Step 5: Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

Negotiation is not only inevitable, it is vital, to reaching the best price and agreement. Transworld negotiates on your behalf professionally and resourcefully.     Professional athletes and actors understand the power of having representation in a negotiation, you should too.

Step 6: Close the Deal and Last-Minute Admin

There will be several key issues between receiving an offer and closing the deal. Your broker will be your liaison and guide you through contract negotiations, conversations with lawyers, bankers, accountants, landlords and more. Your broker will assist with all aspects of the due diligence and assist with managing information flow and timing.  They will also help coordinate, inventory counts, lease negotiations and final walk throughs.

Why Sell Your Business with Transworld Business Advisors?

Transworld Business Advisors understand the process. We also understand that time is money, and you need to focus much of your attention on your business, the employees, and your customers to continue to be successful and attractive to potential buyers.  We do the rest and make sure your business is properly marketed, competition is created and we find the best buyer at the best price possible. Then we get the deal done.

If you are about ready to sell your business - whether it is finally time to retire or a great time to try a brand new industry, consult with your local Transworld Business Advisors to schedule your first consultation!