Strategies for Adding Value to Small Companies Over Time

Strategies for Adding Value to Small Companies Over Time

Now more than ever, we want to figure out how to make our businesses more valuable. With small businesses being affected the most during the COVID-19 crisis, strategies for adding value are vital, and also very possible. Let’s take a look at some changes you can make to increase value in your small company long-term.

  1. Instant Gratification: Faster Service & Faster Delivery

In the age of instant gratification, consumers want products as quickly as possible. Slow deliveries or back-ordered products are a huge no-no for long-term profit. Ensuring you have enough inventory and a system in place for quick delivery is essential. Customers like options. Consider implementing same-day curbside pickup for those who cannot even wait 24 hours.

  1. Better Quality Products

It’s true, quality is better than quantity. Consider investing in better products, and watch customers flock back for more. Once you have that kind of loyalty, your profits will skyrocket in the long run.

  1. Add Value

What does this mean exactly? Literally what it sounds like. What products or services does your business offer? How can you make it that much more special and enticing? Is your packaging made of recycled materials? Is your store aesthetically pleasing? Whatever you can do to set yourself apart from the competition will increase your profits over time.

  1. Good Customer Service is Key

Customers like to be treated well. Five-star treatment will bring them back. Those who have a good experience tell their friends about it. You want your business to grow, you want recommendations flocking in – the best way to do that is to have staff trained in excellent customer service.

  1. Seasonal Discounts

Holiday sales are a no-brainer. Do you know what will ensure a customer makes that purchase? The item she has wanted for weeks, but cannot make the final decision on goes on sale. If the customer feels they can save some pennies, they will likely make that purchase. So, sure, the discount means you lose a little but at least you got something because, before the sale, you were bringing in $0 from her indecision. Seasonal discounts can help you increase some profits, especially right before the end of a quarter. And this also keeps customers happy and brings them back in the future.

Not sure which updates are right for your business, contact an experienced business advisor in your area. With more information about you and your business, they can help you make practical changes that add value to your ever-growing small business.