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Prep To Sell

  Are you a business owner thinking about how to prepare your business for sale?


  Our Prep to Sell program will help you build the value of your business so you can receive the return you deserve.

  The program helps business owners through proven consulting methods and 40+ years of experience.

  How do you prepare to sell?

   Small business owners can answer the question, “How do I prepare to sell my business?” by       
   addressing the financial performance of their company to enhance its fair market value and by       
   addressing potential buyer concerns and deal killers.

   Exit planning is just as important in preparing your business for success as business planning. 

   If you want to sell your company at top dollar, contact us to schedule a consultation with an expert business     
   broker to begin planning for the sale.

  What to Expect When Your Business is Ready to Sell?

   Prep to sell clients increased the valuation of their company by 30% and made it more attractive to buyers.       
   Clients interested in preparing a small business for sale can learn more about the Prep to Sell program and
   how it can maximize the financial performance of your business by contacting us.


  Preparing to Sell Your Business

  1. Begin with a valuation of your company by an expert small business broker.
  2. Consult your wealth manager or tax planner to understand the return you require from a sale.
  3. Get your financials and processes in order and document them well. This will also add value to the transition later in the sale process.
  4. Know your numbers. You can’t build more value if you can’t track your progress.
  5. Consider your business as  a buyer. How can you improve it to make it more attractive?
  6. Identify opportunities to build the value of your company and make changes over the next 1- 3 years.
  7. Review all of your contracts and work with your attorney to make sure they are assignable.
  8. Remove yourself from daily operations so the company can operate without you.
  9. Build your advisory team starting with a reputable transactional advisor and attorney.

  Why Should Small Business Owners Prepare to Sell?

  Fair Market Value

   A business is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.
   What makes Prep to Sell different, is that the program is built on current market
   dynamics to make the sale of your business a success.
   Transworld Business Advisors’ uses business valuation data based on our 40+ years of experience working with     
   thousands of buyers in the acquisition process - we’re experts in the business for sale market and put it to work
   for you to sell your company.

  Key Value Drivers

    The preparing to sell your business program and its key value drivers are built on direct feedback from buyers
    telling us what they value in a business for sale, and what they devalue. And because of Transworld’s
    continued hands-on involvement with businesses, if buyers’ needs change so does the program.

  Prep To Sell Testimonial

    "Our participation in the Prep to Sell program helped change the direction and focus of our business. Our     
    consultant was knowledgeable, thorough, fun to work with, and provided us with great advice."

    "Prep to Sell’s analysis validated many of our business processes and confirmed we were doing a lot of things 
    right. Their recommendations provided a clear roadmap of areas where we could improve, which would result in
    added value to the business. For example, they suggested defining greater segmentation on revenue categories to
    really understand where sales were coming from, and also offered numerous options and recommendations for
    pricing of products that we had not considered.  These recommendations were implemented in a short
    time period with great success."

    "I would highly recommend the Prep to Sell Program to any business owner who wants to get their business ready
    for sale.”

    Medical Device Client, 2018

Planning for a successful company exit now will prepare your company to provide for you when you sell your business down the road.

Transworld is passionate about serving small business owners, let us put our passion to work for you in preparing for your future.

If you are interested in learning more about how to prepare your company to sell, please contact us to schedule your consultation!