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Seller FAQ

How to sell your business online?

The idea of selling your business online may sound like a hoax from the youngest millennial in your extended family. However, using online resources can actually help you sell your business more quickly and effectively than using only print media and advertisements.

Online platforms may, on the surface, seem difficult to trust. However, Transworld Business Advisors has a trusted online network of vetted buyers and sellers, making the selling process run smoothly. Filtered by type of business, size, location, employee count and listing price, businesses can be easily located. This guarantees that no buyers will attempt to make an offer far below your carefully crafted listing price. In addition, because these buyers are already vetted, this saves you time and money.

A business broker is the most secure method of ensuring all offers are valid and worth sifting through. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting valuable time needed to continue running daily operations in your business. The key to selling your business quickly online is sharing as much pertinent information as you can without revealing the identity of your business. Studies have shown that being honest leads to more offers than dishonesty, as it leads to less skepticism from potential buyers.

Once the offers have come in, you will need to sift through them and make a decision. With the help of your business advisor, you can begin to ask the important questions, including:

  • How does the offer compare to the listing price?
  • How does the buyer plan to finance the purchase of the business?
  • How much can the buyer put as a down payment?

Selling your business online is a legitimate method for selling your business as it broadens the audience of potential buyers. When you do this working alongside Transworld Business Advisors, the buyers have been previously vetted to bring you peace of mind.

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