The Deal Board Podcast
Northeast Corner of U.S.

Episode 34

Northeast Corner of U.S.

"Opportunities in the Megalopolis"


Andrew and Jessica talk about the huge marketplace for virtually anything in the Northeast corner of the U.S. There are about 50 million residents and 3 trillion dollars in the GDP, called the largest megalopolis in the USA with 3.5 million small businesses according to the SBA, and also being one of the strongest and healthiest growth markets. Most of the states in this area have grown at a healthy three to four-and-a-half percent. This area also keeps welcoming immigrants, consequently having a diverse population coming from all over the world. There is even a prediction that the Northeast will be one big city someday. Listen to today's amazing guests and find out why people want to do business in the Northeast! Listing of the week: Jennifer Fox (North Boston). Franchise resale opportunity in the realty business. Listing price: $775,000, making $200,000. Great opportunity for someone in the realty business who is ready to grow. Contact Jennifer Fox visiting Tworld North Boston or call 978-286-8922.

Key takeaways:

[4:33] Jacqueline Frank, Vice President of Mortgage Lending for Guaranteed Rate.
[5:15] Why is New York great for entrepreneurs?
[6:50] Opportunities for small businesses.
[8:55] Face-to-face networking in BNI.
[9:38] Currently there is a softer market.
[11:00] Brooklyn is untouchable.
[12:25] Networking groups have given opportunities for smaller entrepreneurs to shine.
[13:55] New York has become more friendly to come in.
[14:37] Diversity in New York.
[15:03] Young people all over NY.
[15:55] Networking: Why entrepreneurs have to be in a group.
[18:21] Key for growth: social media plus the face to face.
[20:09] Deal of the week: Aaron Fox (North Boston). Landscaping business. 21 years in the business. Found an ideal candidate. SBA deal. Final sale price involved business and property: $1.75 million STE: $375,000.
[24:13] Jennifer Fox, North Boston.
[24:32] Jennifer Fox talks about the Boston economy.
[25:30] Franchise resale in the Boston area.
[28:09] Listing of the week: Jennifer Fox (North Boston) Franchise resale opportunity in the realty business. Listing price: $775,000, making $200,000.
[29:51] Eric Straus, Manhattan, New York.
[30:45] Landlords getting more realistic.
[31:40] Good time for sellers in New York.
[32:25] Young people getting into business.
[33:33] Advice for first-time entrepreneurs.
[35:01] Thomas Gesimondo (Brooklyn)
[35:30] Brooklyn is the new Manhattan.
[36:15] Older people getting out and younger people coming in.
[36:45] Great opportunities in Brooklyn.
[37:32] Industrial and service businesses.

Show Notes:

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