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Opportunity Zones

Episode 31

Opportunity Zones

"Economic Transformation and Great Business Opportunity"


As promised, Andrew and Jessica are bringing Robert Johnson back; on a previous episode the conversation with him about Minority Investment brought the concept of opportunity zones to the table. During this episode, Robert Johnson talks about how opportunity zones are related to the investment community in real estate and business acquisition. Also, Jana Persky, the Opportunity Zone Program Director from the Office of Economic Development of Colorado, joins in this conversation about Opportunity Zones, sharing her knowledge and expertise about the topic. Listing of the week: Steve Wright (Raleigh West). Franchise resale. Subway. Price: $139,000. Call Steve at 919-379-5776 or email him at

Key takeaways:

[1:03] Robert Johnson talks about the meaning of opportunity zones.
[4:50] What business will sit upon that real estate?
[5:50] Opportunity zones funds.
[7:54] Legislation on business acquisitions.
[8:30] Economic transformation through opportunity zones in Chicago.
[9:32] Risk vs. reward in opportunity zones is less speculative.
[12:10] Transworld Business Advisors role in Opportunity Zones.
[14:48] Very lucrative opportunities in opportunity zones.
[17:05] Educate yourself about opportunity zones.
[20:12] Deal of the week: Matt Prescott (Denver). Rural area business. Revenue: $790,000. Discretionary Earnings: $262,000. Price: $575,000. The motivation for selling was a tragedy in the family. The challenge was presented by the geographic location of the business. Great buyer, U.S. veteran, planning to hire more veterans to finally buying him out. Sold at $525,000.
[26:05] Jana Persky, Opportunity Zone Program Director from the office of economic development, Colorado.
[27:55] Jana Persky explains what an opportunity zone is.
[29:28] Three main incentives for investors in opportunity zones.
[31:18] What should business owners look for in opportunity zones?
[33:03] Increasing the value of an existing business.
[33:33] Benefits for opportunity zones in Colorado.
[35:44] Opportunity zones in rural and urban areas.
[36:20] Promoting and marketing opportunity zones in the state of Colorado.
[38:23] Listing of the week: Steve Wright (Raleigh West). Franchise resale. Subway. Price: $139,000. Call Steve at 919-379-5776 or email him at

Show Notes:

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