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Personal Branding

Episode 41

Personal Branding

"Benefits and Dangers"


Andrew and Jessica bring great guests today to talk about personal branding. In these days with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it cannot be any easier to brand yourself. There are many companies destined to build a personal brand, but this industry has been around for a long time. There is a myth about not being able to sell a personal brand, but there can’t be anything more personal than a psychology practice and Transworld Business Advisor has sold those. Even a personal professional practice can transfer pretty well. In this episode, there will be addressed how to create a personal brand and some of the dangers and benefits of personal branding. Podcasting is also a great way of personal branding. This episode is intended to help entrepreneurs to not be afraid of selling their personal brand. There is a value in every business!

Key takeaways:

[6:03] Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group.

[6:43] Ray Titus’s philosophies about personal branding.

[7:56] Personal branding is more about credibility and confidence with clients.

[8:55] Finding the balance between brand and personal branding.

[9:16] Naming a business after yourself is usually a mistake.

[10:50] The brand itself has to be bigger than the people working for it.

[13:45] The best people should run the brand.

[15:35] Deal of the week: Bill Whiston and Bill Kleinschrodt (Mobile, Alabama). Fast-moving deal. Distribution and repair shop which was not doing well. Facilities, fixed assets, and human capital. The valuation of the business was a positive surprise. Local buyers. Purchase Price: $2,000,000. Cash deal. The seller retained certain inventory equivalent to $800,000.

[24:50] Andrew Horowitz, investment advisor, and podcasting since 2007.

[26:52] 90% of Andrew Horowitz’s business comes through podcasting.

[29:14] How do small entrepreneurs start podcasting?

[31:20] Have some research and talk about something you really know.

[32:33] Having some unbiased advice.

[36:04] Using social media in your favor.

[39:10] Listing of the week: Patrick Bombardiere (Denver). Private Office rental business, has been in the same location for over 20 years, super consistent. Franchise. STE: $400,000 per year. Listed at $1.6 million. Lender qualified. Email Patrick at

[41:16] Steve Nudelberg, delivering real value through podcasts.

[42:47] Steve Nudelberg talks about personal branding.

[45:33] Confessions of a Serial Salesman: 27 Rules for Influencers and Leaders That Will Change Your Life and Business, by Steve Nudelberg.

[47:22] The tactics have changed.

[48:45] The case of LinkedIn.

[51:18] Give to get.

[54:23] Change appointments for visits.

[56:05] Trial and error. Business is a game of adjustments.

[58:22] People sometimes are trying too hard.

[59:36] It takes time to get better at something.

[1:00:33] For sure social media works, sometimes the people don’t work.

[1:00:56] Networking is only one letter away from not working.

Show Notes:

Mentioned in this episode:


Patrick Bombardiere (Denver). Private Office rental business, has been in the same location for over 20 years, super consistent. Franchise. The owner can stay to train and help new business owners. STE: $400,000 per year. Listed at $1.6 million. Lender qualified. Ready for a face lift and remodeled fresh look. Email Patrick at

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