The Deal Board Podcast
The Fashion Industry

Episode 40

The Fashion Industry

"The Growth of a Pivoting Business"


The fashion industry, more specifically the clothing industry, has gone through major changes over the last few decades. The fashion world is a very big business that has a lot of innovation and change and presenting tons of opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs and people who want to do business across borders. Andrew and Jessica are welcoming some amazing guests that will go deep into the details and strengths of this industry, Catherine Schepis, an expert who has her finger on the pulse of the fashion industry, and Emme, who is a renowned icon in the fashion arena, as well as the owner of her own fashion line. Listen to this episode to discover the trends and great opportunities for young entrepreneurs that the fashion business is providing.

Key takeaways:

[6:17] Catherine Schepis

[7:30] Catherine’s journey in the fashion industry.

[9:31] The current support for young businesses.

[10:35] Collaboration is the trend in the fashion industry.

[13:25] Opportunities to buy small businesses and turn them around.

[15:03] Thinking outside the box.

[17:05] A hard beginning.

[17:48] Retail is not dead.

[19:35] Customers appreciate an authentic relationship.

[20:20] Existing brands are refocusing.

[20:45] Podcasting for branding.

[21:48] Deal of the week: Todd Albaum (Charlotte). Medical Spa. Beautiful place. Cash and seller-financing deal. Sold at $500,000.

[25:53] Emme, TV show producer, author, fashion model, and clothing designer.

[27:06] Emme talks about the pivoting in the fashion industry.

[28:20] Online purchase.

[29:15] The body image and self-esteem in the fashion world.

[31:01] Young designers learning to make clothes for all sizes.

[31:45] Inclusive fashion education.

[33:29] Flexibility to adapt to fast changes.

[34:55] Building loyal customers.

[35:18] Tips for getting into the fashion world.

[36:20] Benefits of having an inclusive line.

[36:55] The near future for Emmee.

[40:43] Listing of the week: Pete Sheehan (Hauppauge, Long Island). Bridal Salon. Motivated Seller. Price: $299,000, over a million dollars in sales. Inventory valued at $400,000. Located in midtown Manhattan.

Show Notes:

Mentioned in this episode:


Pete Sheehan (Hauppauge, Long Island). Bridal Saloon. a lot of growth potential. Motivated Seller. Price: $299,000, over a million dollars in sales. Inventory valued at $400,000. Located in midtown Manhattan. Contact Pete 516-631-2465 or email

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