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Bashar Sabbah

Business Advisor

Bashar is business enthusiast with long years experience in the hospitality and service industries. Joined Transworld Business Advisors of Ontario to help and assist business owners in reaching the value they desire by selling and expanding their business. After graduating with a University degree in Hospitality Management he joined multiple hotel and restaurant chains in different parts of the world and was exposed to multiple cultures. Speaks four languages. Developed entrepreneurial spirit and found multiple startups. Helped structure several businesses to get prepared for the franchise stage. Joined larger companies in adapting their franchise systems to specific geographical and cultural areas. This provided deeper knowledge and experience in the franchising realm. Assessing customer needs and profound understanding of market trends in association with good interpretation of budgetary and financial numbers were key success factors in building successful business models. Believer in team building, collaborative leadership and in contributing to society.

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