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Chrisie Sanchez

Chrisie Sanchez has had the privilege of assuming various roles throughout her life. She has served as a Mental Health Counselor, Teacher, Business Owner, and Entrepreneur/Leader, and delved into the realm of Commercial Real Estate in both Florida and Texas. With a background as a Business Educator and Motivational Speaker, Chrisie currently embraces her role as a Business Broker and Advisor, as well as, a Commercial Real Estate Broker of Florida.

In her current capacity, Chrisie is dedicated to helping businesses exceed their expectations and achieve what they may have once considered impossible, whether it involves buying, selling, expanding, merging, franchising, or real estate endeavors. Her belief is that there are no limits to what individuals and businesses can attain. It all comes down to attitude, nurturing a growth mindset, stimulating the mind at any age, exemplifying leadership, fostering positivity, pursuing education and training, offering mentorship, and emphasizing transparency, honesty, and teamwork. Chrisie firmly believes that continuous growth and learning in these facets are essential, as stagnation can result in setbacks for both individuals and their businesses.

If you're seeking success, Chrisie encourages you to reach out to her. The key is to maintain a positive mindset, have faith in yourself, and always remember to be authentic.

Chrisie is licensed in Texas and Florida, her email is: [email protected]

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