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Orlando Industry Highlight Barbershops

Orlando Industry Highlight Barbershops

Interview by Chris "Chip" Redmond with Transworld Business Advisors Orlando

Barbershops will always have a place in our local service sector in Central Florida.  Orlando currently has many of them that are positioned perfectly in a consistently growing segment of our economy. Yes, they are barbers who cut hair but this segment does much more than just trimming / styling hair and beards for men or boys.  They are also a social hangout for men that is a bit different than your typical hair salon that are typically designed for women.  Men don’t have many places to go and hang out that are not a bar, restaurant, or event.  According to the 2020 Business Reference Guide, “Over the next five years, the Barber Shop industry is expected to continue to grow.”  This source says that it will be .8% and others say that it will be more.  This is a nice stable segment that has a low entry point with limited certification required to be an owner-operator.  Men are starting to look for high-quality haircuts and grooming experiences and barbershops are starting to create that for them.  Not all barbers are men, but it is heavily occupied by male barbers.


Fabian Irizarry


This week we interview: Fabian Irizarry with Top Creationz Barbershop.  Fabian has owned Top Creationz since February of 2019 just south of the Lake Nona area in Osceola County, Florida.  They do haircutting, shaving, styling, and trimming at their single location.





A picture containing drawingDescription automatically generatedWhat got you into ­­­­­­­­­­­­cutting hair and being a barber?

Fabian: It all started for me as a way of being creative when I was younger.  Cutting hair was fun for me while giving me a way to express my creativity, it gave those around me a chance to have a nice clean image.  After years passed, I enjoyed it more and it let me gain more insight about people and their backgrounds or stories.  Each person, I found out has their own world and I get to learn about each person and that world they live in during our time together.


What would you say is the most rewarding part of your career? 

Fabian: Meeting different people and getting to know life through other people.  Good news or bad news that time with clients gives me a chance to love and enjoy life because of them.


What would you say is something that is misunderstood or not known about your industry by your clients? 

A person standing in a roomDescription automatically generatedFabian: Barbershops started as a tradition, so each barbershop has it’s own unique location that allowed people to come in and not be judged.  It’s not just a place to get a haircut they are more of a social gathering location that all social groups can enjoy.  Social Media has changed the image of barbershops and tattoo shops and brought down the curtains to show that they can be social locations. 

Most barbers enjoy the interaction and being a person to talk to as clients will tend to open up more to a barber than they would with their own family members.  We are someone to listen and talk to you, some talk and some have been holding back an opinion that they may have wanted to express all day.  We listen when others may not for some people.  I have even thought about getting some professional training in psychology so that I can help my clients more than just talking and listening.


A picture containing indoor, chair, table, sittingDescription automatically generatedWhat have you done differently or how have things changed now that you are an owner vs being an employee? 

Fabian: I have more clarity as an owner and realize that my actions have a direct effect both positive and negative on the employees around me.  Being an owner has made me become more of a leader and a team player that must keep up the pace so that the business and my career keeps going.  I have had to change some of my friendships, being the owner changes friendships it makes you gain and lose some people in your life.  I have had to learn how to set boundaries quickly with friends and co-workers who are sometimes the same.


What was your biggest hurdle? 

Fabian: Making the decision to finally go on my own, that turning point was at a time that I thought I was running out of options to work at.  As like most barbers you always think about getting your own place and I always had that dream.  I personally worked in four barbershops over a period of twelve years mostly in the central Florida area.  As an entrepreneur at heart,  I wanted to break that cycle of working for other people every three years.  For me, I had to mature and grow over time, I could not have done this when I was younger without the tools required.  Growing and maturing gave me the tools to rise over my fears and I needed that time.  My previous locations gave me the education and inspiration to finally make that move and I thank them for that.


Who is your biggest fan? 

Fabian: My wife!  I have a lot to thank her for.  Lots of positive reinforcement from her!


What would be an exciting client for you if they just stopped into your location and why?

Fabian: The first-timer, it puts me in the position that I have been doubted and it’s time for me to show them what it should be like in a real barbershop.  I like the challenge to make an impression and impress that person and make them a repeat customer.  It gives me a great sensation to see someone come back, I get a tickle and smile when they return.  I don’t treat anyone any differently than anyone else as we all should get the same experience.


Best quote from our talk:

Fabian: “If you have the chance to make a difference in someone’s life take that moment and make something of it, it makes me feel great to have that opportunity.”


Top Creationz is an amazing barbershop located in the heart of Central Florida

Top Creationz is a full-service barbershop that offers today’s progressive gentlemen a refuge where they can sit back, relax and experience grooming and hair services along with eccentric refreshments, in a sophisticated atmosphere.





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