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Agent ProfileHollie Choe, CEPA

Hollie Choe, CEPA

Vice President/Principal Broker

Hollie possesses extensive professional expertise in various fields, including banking, project management, sales, real estate, school counseling, and family counseling. She is the proud owner of Constellation Realty and shares co-ownership of Transworld Business Advisors of Oregon Central. Hollie obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services with a minor in Mental Health from Cal State Fullerton. Furthermore, she holds a Master's Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child counseling with a PPS credential from California State University, Los Angeles. Growing up in a family deeply ingrained in entrepreneurship within industries such as real estate, restaurants, salons, and ecommerce, Hollie recognized the plight of small business owners like her own family. These individuals dedicated years of tireless effort and perseverance to establish successful businesses and achieve the American dream, only to find themselves forced to shut down when they could no longer sustain operations. Unaware of the option to sell their businesses and unlock their value, they missed out on the opportunity to secure a more fulfilling retirement. Today, Hollie's role as a business broker enables her to offer these services to business owners, allowing them to transition into a better retirement. Hollie's personal background and wealth of experience have ignited her passion and aspiration to assist other business owners in realizing smoother transitions to a more prosperous retirement. Additionally, she is devoted to aiding aspiring entrepreneurs in pursuing their dreams of business ownership.

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