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Samir Gandhi

Senior Business Advisor

With over 35 years of experience in global business management, mergers & acquisitions, and operations, Samir Gandhi is a seasoned leader known for driving growth and profitability. He specializes in strategy formation, greenfield operations launch, lean transformations, and crisis management. Samir's background spans industries like consumer goods, automotive, and small businesses including hotels, retail, and laundromats. He holds an MBA in Business Management, an MS in Manufacturing Engineering, and has completed an Executive MBA program in Paris.

Samir has personally started, purchased, grown, and sold businesses, bringing firsthand entrepreneurial insights to his role. He excels in maximizing company value through strategic assessments and hands-on support. Samir's philosophy centers on honesty, fairness, and legal compliance, fostering long-term relationships with clients. Fluent in multiple languages including Hindi, Gujarati, and Spanish.

Samir Gandhi excels in a range of critical areas: global business management, mergers & acquisitions, lean transformations, strategic planning, and multilingual communication. His adeptness at navigating international business dynamics, orchestrating successful mergers, implementing lean methodologies, crafting strategic roadmaps, and effectively communicating across languages underscores his invaluable contribution to business brokerage and advisory services. Samir Gandhi's diverse expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to client success make him a trusted partner in navigating complex business transactions.

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