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Thomas Kelsey

Thomas Kelsey is an experienced Business Advisor at Transworld who has a passion for helping his clients make informed decisions. With his background as an intelligence officer in the US Air Force, he is well equipped to assist others to systematically work their way through the sometimes-complicated process of buying or selling a business. During his military service, Thomas held numerous national security positions and has worked with many defense and private sector companies. He is well versed in crafting successful strategies which benefit both buyers and sellers.

His expertise includes:
  • - Business Sales and M&A
    • - Veteran Entrepreneurship
      • - Real Estate Investments
        • - Project Management
          • - Process Improvement
            • - Data analytics

In addition to being part of the Transworld network, Thomas is involved in the military veteran community near Fayetteville, North Carolina. Thomas’ proven approach yields excellent results for his Eastern North Carolina community as demonstrated by his success rate and recommendations by those who have worked with him.

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