What is My Business Worth?

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What is My Business Worth? As a Frequently Asked Question, "what is my business worth?" is pretty close to the top of the list. The usual answers are insufficient to give business owners a realistic picture. When people add what I'm about to share with you, they often say "of course..." but all the way up to that point, it's not uncommon to hear business owners say "impossible." 

When Should I Start Selling My Business?

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Multiples matter, but there is no single answer to the question when should I start selling my business. Your situation, your business model, yourself, the market, your desired multiple... They all factor into the decision. In this post, we will cover a few of those factors and the consequences of choosing the wrong time - and yes! There are plenty of wrong times to start selling.  When Shou

Honor in Business Helps to Close Deals

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It doesn't much matter what side of a trade you're on - or if you're in the middle. When it comes to getting to the closing table, being honorable in the process is key. You lie and you die... figuratively, of course. The same goes for missing agreed upon deadlines, failure to honor commitments, being careless, or missing a mark and not keeping all parties informed.  Business sales are

Three Misconceptions About Buying That You Can Overcome

Get rid of limiting beliefs

Misconceptions about the buying process stop and/or slow many otherwise good business owners from changing their lives in a meaningful way. With a little knowledge (and confidence), small business buyers can turn a W2 (working for someone else) into a W2+equity, and parlay their life experiences and passions into something that will bring their family into the world of business ownership, serving