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Recent Middle Market Business Transactions

Transworld’s team of business brokers have closed more than 10,000 transactions across a wide range of industries and business sizes. Here are some of the recent deals made by our award-winning M&A team: 

Growing Fresh Food Distributor

Industry: Wholesale

Sold Price: $8,055,168.00

Magnificent Wedding & Events Venue

Industry: Real Estate Related

Sold Price: $4,150,000.00

Elite Commercial Landscaping Business

Industry: Lawn/Landscaping

Sold Price: $3,659,000.00

Rural Building Supplies

Industry: Building Materials

Sold Price: $3,525,000.00

Industry Leader in Automotive Machinery

Industry: Machine Shop

Sold Price: $3,300,000.00

Vineyard & Winery with Real Estate

Industry: Retail Miscellaneous

Sold Price: $3,185,341.60

SBA Approved Unique Brewhouse Concept 

Industry: Restaurants

Sold Price: $2,150,000.00

Upscale Event and Wedding Venue

Industry: Rental Business

Sold Price: $2,080,000.00

Established Family-Owned Seven Unit Hair Salon

Industry: Beauty/Personal Care

Sold Price: $2,000,000.00

Tool Manufacturing with Real Estate

Industry: Distribution

Sold Price: $1,050,000.00

Seafood Restaurant Chain

Industry: Restaurants

Sold Price: $12,000,000.00

Marine Tank Manufacturer

Industry: Manufacturing

Sold Price: $12,000,000.00

Home Healthcare Agency

Industry: Personal Services

Sold Price: $4,800,000.00

Printing Business

Industry: Printing

Sold Price: $39,000,000.00

Award-Winning Pool Contractor Business

Industry: Construction

Sold Price: $17,200,000.00

Peat Moss Mining and Potting Soil Manufacturing Business

Industry: Horticulture

Sold Price: $16,000,000.00

Engineering Firm

Industry: Engineering

Sold Price: $20,000,000

Metal Distribution and Recycling Business

Industry: Metal Related

Sold Price: $12,000,000.00

Insurance Company

Industry: Insurance

Sold Price: $6,000,000.00

Advertising/Marketing Company

Industry: Advertising

Sold Price: $2,900,000.00