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Industry Spotlight

We're Your Partner in Acquiring a Business in South & West Texas

Transworld specializes in helping aspiring business owners across all industries in South and West Texas find and purchase the perfect business.

Explore some of Transworld's most popular industries through our industry spotlights below. Our expert business brokers in South & West Texas have access to a wide range of businesses for sale. Whether you're looking to buy a business in a specific industry or need guidance on the acquisition process, we are here to assist you.

The Manufacturing Industry
The backbone of industry, manufacturing drives the country's economy, accounting for 12% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product. In Texas, the manufacturing industry's estimated GDP is outpacing national growth. Learn more about how you can buy a manufacturing company here.

manufacturing business for sale in Houston

The Restaurant Industry
Learn about the benefits of buying an established restaurant business in South & West Texas with Transworld Business Advisors. 

Restaurant Business for Sale in Houston

The Landscaping Industry
Buying a lawn care company with a history is a great way to enter the landscaping industry. 

Landscaping Business in Houston for Sale

The Plumbing Industry
Buying a plumbing business is a great way to enter the industry with cash flow and contracts in place.

plumbing business in houston for sale

The Salon Industry
Buying an established salon in South & West Texas is a great way to start out with customers and cash flow in place.

Buying a Cleaning Business in South Texas

The Fitness Industry
Fitness related is a popular business concept in South & West Texas where we have one of the most active populations.

Fitness Business for sale in Houston

The Liquor Store Industry
Learn about how you buy a liquor license through the acquisition of an established liquor business.

Buy a Liquor Store in West Texas

The Coffee and Tea Shop Industry
Business owners interested in starting a coffee shop in South & West Texas would do well to consider to a second generation coffee and tea shop.

Buying a Coffee Shop in Houston

The Construction Industry
A business broker can help you take advantage of established businesses in the construction industry.

Construction Business for sale in Houston

The Cleaning Industry
Owning a cleaning business is a great opportunity for any professional looking to become a business owner in South & West Texas.

Buying a Cleaning Business in Houston

The Bar Industry
Owning a bar or tavern business is a great way to join a business high in customer interaction opportunities.

Buying a Bar Business in Houston

The Laundromat Industry
Laundromats and coin operated laundries are a unique business model that can survive well in any economy.

Laundromat Business for sale in Houston

The Convenience Store Industry
Even with a growing reliance on e-commerce, convenience stores are still profitable business ventures.

Convenience Store for Sale in Houston

The HVAC and Heating Industry
The HVAC industry offers a consistent demand for services, with recurring revenue from maintenance contracts and a promising outlook for growth due to the region's population increase and energy efficiency focus.

HVAC and heating Business for sale in Houston


Are you interested in a buying a business in a specific industry in the South & West Texas market? Fill out our buyer profile and let us know what businesses for sale you're interested in.