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Coffee and Tea

Buying a Coffee Shop in South & West Texas

The coffee industry is booming across the United States, especially in South & West Texas. Buying an established coffee shop or coffee franchise is a profitable path to business ownership that will limit the risks a business owner can face when starting a coffee business.

Buying a Second-Generation Coffee or Tea Shop

Buying a second-generation coffee shop business is a common way to become an owner while benefiting from an established business in South & West Texas. A coffee business for sale will have a customer base, a crew of employees, supply chains, a lease, and a build-out already in place.

Transworld Business Advisors can help you open a coffee shop in South & West Texas by buying a coffee shop for sale. Head to our Buyer FAQs page to learn more about our services for buying a business and the acquisition process.

Is a coffee shop a good investment?

Owning a coffee and tea shop in South & West Texas is a good investment for entrepreneurs who value community, customer service, early morning hours, and a semi-recession-proof business. Buying a coffee shop offers the opportunity to build on a current coffee business with a location and lease, customers, and a trained staff already in place.

Is it better to purchase an existing coffee shop or start your own?

Starting a new coffee shop comes with startup risks like cash flow limitations. But buying an established coffee shop opens the opportunity to minimize risk with a proven concept, coffee customers, and valuables like community reputation, established supply chains, and restaurant equipment.

Growing Through Acquisition

If you’re an owner looking to scale your current coffee operations, growing your coffee company through acquisition is an efficient way to scale overnight and expand into a new neighborhood.

Is starting a franchise business easier?

Buying a coffee franchise in South & West Texas is a good option for owners interested in the coffee and tea industry but with the added safety net of franchise resources in advertising and training. Transworld has access to new coffee chains in addition to franchise resale opportunities.

What are the benefits of buying a coffee shop in South & West Texas?

South & West Texas businesses for sale offer several benefits that a new coffee shop can’t offer, including:

  • Proven business model
  • Immediate cash flow
  • Commercial lease
  • Build-out and equipment
  • Staff in place
  • Customer base
  • Established reputation

Learn more about buying a business by contacting us.

How do you buy a coffee shop in South & West Texas?

Transworld Business Advisors has a time-tested process for buying coffee shops in South & West Texas to help owners meet their business goals.

  1. Coffee business buyers can start by searching through our coffee businesses we have for sale in South & West Texas.
  2. When a buyer identifies a good coffee or tea business opportunity, they can inquire with a business broker to discuss the business.
  3. The buyer will then sign a non-disclosure agreement to receive an executive summary on the company.
  4. Following the review of the executive summary, the business buyer meets with their business broker in a first meeting.
  5. The second meeting takes place with the buyer and seller and may include a tour of the coffee shop.
  6. To put an offer in on the business, the buyer submits a letter of intent which includes the purchase price, due diligence, and closing terms.
  7. When the seller accepts the letter of intent, due diligence can begin.
  8. To transfer the company to the new owner, the buyer and seller execute the asset purchase agreement and begin training and transition.

Selling a Coffee Shop in South & West Texas

If you've owned a coffee shop in South & West Texas for a long time, you may be ready to retire and transition the company to a new owner. Learn more about selling a business in South & West Texas by visiting our Sell a Business service page.

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