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Buy a Construction Business

It is not difficult to tell that the commercial and residential construction industries are doing well in South & West Texas. With trends like "” in the South & West Texas Business Journal highlighting the construction projects in South & West Texas, you know this is a cash flow positive industry. A business broker can help you take advantage of this industry through the acquisition of an established construction company.

Buying a Construction Business in South & West Texas

Construction businesses for sale in South & West Texas represent a tremendous opportunity for new business owners and owners looking to grow their established construction companies through the acquisition of a contracting business. Since the residential and commercial construction industries are long developed, they offer a plethora of businesses for sale in home improvement, general contracting, construction management and other contractor business sectors.

Transworld Business Advisors has construction companies for sale in South & West Texas that will fit the strategic goals of most business owners. Visiting our Buyer FAQs page is a good place to begin your journey of reviewing contractor businesses for sale and understanding the process of how to buy a business.

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What is the process of buying a contracting business?

Through our more than 40 years in business, Transworld Business Advisors has cultivated a fine-tuned process for entrepreneurs looking to buy a business in South & West Texas. To learn more about the process, review our steps below.

  1. Professionals ready to buy a commercial or residential construction company in South & West Texas can search construction companies for sale and inquire with an expert business broker after identifying a business of interest.

  2. To learn about the company, a business buyer will sign a non-disclosure agreement to receive access to an executive summary outlining the history of the construction company.

  3. If there is continued interest, then the buyer will have a first meeting with the South & West Texas business broker.

  4. The second meeting is with the seller present and may include a tour of the company.

  5. If the buyer is interested in the Construction business for sale, they will submit a letter of intent (LOI) that includes their offered purchase price.

  6. If the seller accepts the buyer’s LOI, due diligence and the closing process will be set in motion as guided by the business broker.

  7. To complete the transaction an asset purchase agreement (APA) is signed by the seller and buyer of the business and a period of training and transition will begin.

What are the benefits of buying a construction company?

Buying an established construction business gives the business owner access to immediate cash flow. It also allows you to predict the level of company earnings based on historical financial history as well as customers, contracts, and a supply chain which can be difficult to establish early on.

Why should you buy an established business?

The business model of a bar is not a new concept, so a business owner ready to purchase a bar in South & West Texas stands to quickly benefit from an existing bar's customers and cash flow and simply tweaking it for their own purposes.

Why is South & West Texas a good place for owning a construction business?

South & West Texas’s economy is doing extremely well and it is home to an array of small business resources including lending programs and a network of Small Business Development Centers.

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