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Convenience Store

Buy an Established Convenience Store

Even with a growing reliance on e-commerce and on online retailers like Amazon, convenience stores are still profitable business ventures because of the fast-paced lifestyle most Americans live, thriving on quick and budget-friendly convenience items. Currently, the convenience store model represents more than one third of brick and mortar retailers in the United States. Buying a convenience store is an optimal way to buy into a proven business model and become a successful business owner.

Buying a Convenience Store

Buying a second-generation convenience store for sale in South & West Texas is a great way to establish presence in the convenience store industry with customers and a supply chain already in place. There is still room to grow with this model as the need for convenience items can evolve and change with the market. There are also opportunities to buy an independent convenience store or franchise business opportunity to suit your goals and preferences.

Transworld Business Advisors - South & West Texas can help you get started with a convenience store for sale or gas station combination concept in South & West Texas. Take a moment to visit our Buyer FAQs page to learn more about our full process for buying a convenience store in South & West Texas.

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What are the benefits of buying a convenience store in South & West Texas?

Owning a convenience store business is a good investment for owners looking for both an owner-operator or absentee ownership business model with employees. Buying a convenience store is a valuable business opportunity to become part of a community and provide a high level of customer service, take advantage of an existing lease contract, and customers familiar with the location & brand.

Why should you think about buying an established convenience store?

In markets like South & West Texas, there are two great advantages for buyers to buying a convenience store. The first is location; South & West Texas’s commercial market is tight, so buying a convenience store business allows you access to business locations you could not otherwise find. The second great advantage is that setting up a vendor and supply chain for a business can be complex, but when buying a company, this structure is already built into the business.

Are the products usually included in the sale?

Depending on the convenience store for sale, the products and inventory of the business may or may not be included in the asking price. If the business has limited cash flow or the owner is dealing with a difficult personal situation, the business may be listed as an asset sale, where the asking price is based on the value of company assets (FF&E), often 10-50% of their full value and may include the inventory. Many times, the inventory is included at an additional cost to the purchase price. However, inventory can be a great place to negotiate the terms of a sale, and your business broker can help advise you on how to manage this.

Are most convenience stores franchises?

When buyers think of a convenience store for sale, it is easy to jump to a big name like 7-11, but not all convenience stores are franchises. Though there are a variety of great franchise business opportunities for business owners to buy into, there are also great independent convenience store and gas station businesses for sale. Transworld Business Advisors of South and West Texas is able to help owners buy into both opportunity types, and as a franchise company ourselves, we have unique insight into the benefits of both.

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Are you looking to retire from your convenience store business? Transworld can help sellers transfer ownership to a new owner. Learn more about if we’re a fit to work together to meet your business sale goals by connecting with a South & West Texas business broker.