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Ana Starns

With over 25 years of extensive international business ownership experience spanning North America, Asia, and the Middle East, Ana is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio across multiple industries. Throughout her career, she has owned, operated, and managed four distinct businesses, ranging from educational recruiting to digital marketing, book publishing, and stained-glass fabrication. Ana's journey in business has been fueled by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and a keen acumen for start-up ventures. She has actively contributed to the launch and growth of various businesses, allowing her to intimately understand the challenges inherent in nurturing a start-up from its infancy. This firsthand experience enables her to forge deeper connections with both sellers and buyers, empathizing with their struggles and providing invaluable insights. Having both bought and sold a small business, Ana offers a unique dual perspective that enhances her ability to understand and address the needs and concerns of both buyers and sellers in potential transactions. Drawing on her experience as a small business investor, she approaches transactions with a strategic mindset, considering operational, investment, and strategic perspectives to drive optimal outcomes. In every endeavor, Ana is committed to leveraging her wealth of experience and expertise to guide clients through the complexities of business ownership, transactions, and strategic decision-making, ultimately fostering success and growth in today's dynamic marketplace.

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