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Building materials are purchased by both individuals looking to embark on home improvement projects and by construction companies with large-scale projects. Because cities continue to grow, and homes are constantly purchased and remodeled, the building materials industry should always thrive. Without a doubt, a building materials business will always have customers. When one family has finished their latest fixer-upper project, another family is not too far behind. In fact, Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies estimated a total of $383.3 billion was spent by homeowners on home improvement in 2017 alone. Imagine adding commercial construction projects and office expansions to that number. There is never a wrong time to consider diving into this industry. At the same time there is always a market for building materials, there likely will never be a more opportune time to sell a building materials business.

Whether you are on the buying or selling side, there is much to think about. Where does your business stand financially? What is the current market like? Do you have the capacity to take on a new business? Transworld Business Advisors has brokers with extensive knowledge in every industry, but only the one who is an expert in construction and building materials will be assigned to your unique case. With an arsenal of buyers and sellers who have already been vetted, we ensure that finding the perfect buyer (or seller!) is not just possible, but highly probable. Hiring a Transworld advisor to guide you through the process is likely the second most important decision you will make – second only to deciding to buy or sell.

Once you have a Transworld broker on your team, you are guaranteed confidentiality, giving you access to neutral locations for meetings or negotiations and finally, you are promised sound advice and guidance through the entire process. There is no part of being a seller or buyer that Transworld Business Advisors’ brokers do not fully grasp.

See below for our current listings for building materials businesses. We have gathered a description of each individual business, along with a few details you may find important to review such as price, business size, type of materials, location, and number of employees. Contact Transworld Business Advisors today!

Active Building Materials Businesses Listings