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Because there is always a milestone to be celebrated, or a party to be thrown, the catering industry is constantly growing. Not to mention, the catering industry extends beyond large galas and weddings and also includes grocery stores and food trucks. More than five years ago, the catering industry contributed over $45 billion to the economy and by 2016, independent catering companies were making more than $8 billion in revenue. Similarly, the restaurant industry expects to add 1.4 million jobs by 2020. Without a doubt, this is a lucrative industry that projects growth potential in the years to come.

Whether you have been in the catering industry for years and are looking to retire, or you have an interest in entering the world of food and parties, investing into or selling a catering business is a wise choice. Because the industry is constantly growing, there is no wrong time to buy or sell. The right time is whenever you are ready to contact your local Transworld Business Advisors office and begin the process.

Our brokers have extensive knowledge across multiple platforms and industries. However, when you come to us with an interest in catering, we pair you with a broker who specializes in this industry and is familiar with both the buying and selling side. That way, we can guarantee your broker not only understands the market but they can best advise you in crafting realistic goals and expectations before you even begin. Seeing both sides of the transaction makes our brokers more knowledgeable and reliable every step of the way.

Transworld Business Advisors has a network of buyers and sellers who have been vetted before they are even presented to you. Therefore, once you have decided what you are looking for, whether that means a type of business or kind of buyer, the pool is much more reliable. From concept to negotiation, our brokers are with you during the entire process.

View our current listings for catering businesses for sale below. We offer a description of each individual business, along with details you may find important including price, size, type of food they specialize in, location, and number of employees - even chef certifications. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Transworld’s experienced and knowledgeable brokers ensure your business is valued.

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