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The delivery service industry will always be in demand. Consumers consistently and increasingly need to free up time from must-do chores so they can focus on more productive or enjoyable activities. This drives the constant demand for delivery services, and the industry isn't slowing down anytime soon.

Delivery services are a popular dining option with US consumers. A 2016 survey found that 20% of consumers use food delivery at least once a week. In 2015, consumers spent $30 billion on food delivery and analysts believe the industry has $210 billion in annual sales potential. In 2016, consumer spending on pizza delivery reached $10 billion. Pizza held the largest share of the food delivery market, followed by Asian food, sandwiches, and Italian.

If you are considering the purchase or sale of a delivery business of any kind, Transworld is committed to ensuring a great deal for everyone. Transworld's Business Advisors will meet with prospective delivery business buyers to determine interests, provide education about the buying process, and connect you with delivery business sellers that match your individual criteria.

If you are interested in selling your delivery business, Transworld's experienced advisors will introduce you to suitable prospective buyers and offer you full marketing support, including expert valuation and strict confidentiality. Transworld will work with you throughout the process until the delivery business exchange is complete.

Click here to find our listings of delivery businesses for sale. Each profile provides a detailed description of each delivery business for sale, along with some basic business information, such as price, down payment, number of employees, and current recurring customer inventory.

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