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There has been a recent surge in the events industry and the venue business is no different. As more brands have been seeking live experiences in order to engage with their audiences, the need for event planners and event spaces has increased accordingly. In 2018, the demand for non-traditional meeting facilities was expected to increase by 3.8%. Additionally, 73% of event planners are working with hotels, while 57% are working with conference centers and 53% are working with non-traditional venues, with many working with all three types of venues. With all this growth and activity, now might be the best time to either sell your promising venue business and make a profit or stake your claim in the industry.

Whether you are a bed and breakfast, a coffee shop, or a larger hotel, you can launch your venue business. Non-traditional venue spaces are becoming more and more popular every day. With there being quite the market for these spaces, there are also a number of buyers willing to continue the business for you after retirement. If you find yourself hoping for something different or are in search of the perfect venue to launch your new business endeavor, Transworld Business Advisors is here for you. With advisors well-versed in this specific industry, our team is able to guide both sellers and buyers through the process.

Transworld brokers are knowledgeable in both the buying and selling sides. This makes them the ideal, well-rounded advisor. Our advisors can help you determine your goals and turn them into tangible expectations. Beyond that, they have access to the Transworld arsenal of buyers and sellers who have already been vetted before reaching you. This means that you will not have any buyers who are not prepared to meet your asking price or sellers with hidden fees and other surprises.

Our current listings for venue businesses can be found below. We offer a description of each individual business, along with all of the aspects of the business you may consider important such as price, size, type of venue, number of employees, and licenses. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Transworld Business Advisors will ensure every party involved is more than pleased with the outcome!

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