The First Step for Business Valuation

The first step for business valuation is by looking at your business’s future performance. Even if a business has done well in the past a potential buyer will want to be assured of the business doing well into the future. The current status of the company in the market and what a new buyer can do with it can greatly affect how much a business is worth. Transworld Business Advisors offers f

Two Mistakes NOT to Make When Selling Your Business

Two Mistakes NOT to make when selling your business! Thinking you don't have to promote or market yourself! No one can explain, promote, communicate what your business is about better than you can! When you are selling your business it is important to continue to promote who you are and what you do! Help your business broker understand the business, it's visions and goals! This will a

How Does Transworld Business Advisors Value Your Business?

How does Transworld Business Advisors value your business? Valuation is the number one question of all of our sellers when contemplating a sale. Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer, because business valuation is an art, not a science. However here are four criteria we use to help you understand what can determine value. 1. Fair market value - The price at which the property would change h

What is the First Thing I Should Do to Sell My Business?

What is the First Thing I Should Do to Sell My Business? The first thing you should do when you are trying to sell a business is to get a valuation. A business valuation is an objective determination of what your business is worth. This gives a way to measure the offers you receive from buyers. A Professional Valuation should: - Give you an idea of what you can expect to net from the sale. - F

Am I Getting a Good Deal?

Purchasing a business is one of the most crucial decisions you will make in your life. It is a massive financial commitment, so ensuring that everything is in order is important. Before making an offer find out the answer to these three questions to ensure you are entering a good deal. 1. What is the owner's reason for selling the business? The reason a business is sold will reveal importa

Get the Best Price When Buying a Business

How to Get the Best Price When Buying a Business You have found the business of your dreams and you want to buy it but aren't sure where to start? Talk with a business broker and consider these 5 tips! 1. Determine Your Must Have's and Budget Before you begin the process you want to clearly know where you stand. This will avoid confusion in the future. 2. Do Your Research Each prop