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Selling A Business

Selling a Business with Transworld of Bel Air

You’ve put your heart and soul into building your business. Not to mention a lot of money. You’ve made smart decisions over the years, and now it’s time for one more. Selling a company with the help of Transworld of Bel Air is one of the smartest decisions you can make when you’re thinking about selling a business. We partner with you to guide you through the process of selling, so that you get the best price.

Most company ownersknow a lot about selling their products or services, but don’t know much about selling a small business. You may know how to run a restaurant, design floral arrangements, or repair cars, but do you know what goes into selling your business? Selling a business is a lot more complicated than selling your home. It is well worth the effort to hire a business broker like Transworld to help you with the selling process. We focus on the process of selling your companyso you can focus on running it. It’s more important than ever to keep sales up and reduce inventory when you’re planning on selling your life’s work.

Business Valuation – What Is Your Business Worth?

The first step in selling your operation (beyond hiring a business broker) is business valuation, or company valuation. Valuing your company correctly is a crucial step. Price it too high, and it will sit on the market, keeping you from those retirement plans. Value it too low, and you leave money on the table. At Transworld, we have business valuation experts who know the Maryland business market.

Business valuation is not an exact science. Many factors go into determining what your operation is worth to a buyer. Our team will examine your books to see what your sales have been for up to the last five years, look at projected growth, market conditions, what your inventory and assets are, the location and condition of the physical property, how well-known your brand is, and much more. The goal is to come up with an accurate valuation that will help set an attractive, yet fair selling price.

How to Sell a Business

At Transworld, we know how to sell a business. If you partner with us, you’ll learn a lot about selling a business, too  – what things you should do, and what things you should avoid doing. Once we have set a firm valuation, we can set the sales price. We confidentially network the sale of your business, using the latest technology to showcase your operation to other business brokers and potential buyers.

Transworld controls the flow of information, and we release specific information only as needed. We pre-qualify potential buyers to protect you. Then we require that they sign a confidentiality agreement before we give them or their representative any sensitive information regarding your operation. 

Once the buyer(s) make an offer, we negotiate the best price. Our team then helps close the deal, coordinating with accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, etc. to help ensure everything goes smoothly. And we’re available for consultation long after the sale goes through. We want you to think of us anytime you’re thinking of buying or selling a business.

Selling a Business is Easy with Transworld

Selling a business doesn’t have to be hard. With Transworld on your side, we work as a team to get your operation ready for sale so that you can bring in top dollar when the sale goes through.Selling a business does take a certain level of training and expertise – that’s why smart business owners work with Transworld. We work with clients throughout Maryland, with an emphasis on Harford County, Cecil County, and Baltimore County. Call us today at 410-803-3746 or email us to schedule an initial consultation. Selling is easy when you work with the pros!