Increasing Business Value: Your People

Increasing Business Value: Your People

In the dynamic landscape of business ownership, the distinction between working on the business and working in the business is crucial. Transitioning from the role of a business operator to a business owner can significantly impact the value of your business.

This blog explores how strategic delegation and elevation in your business operations increase its qualitative value and broaden your potential buyer pool.

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Moving into the Business Owner Role

To enhance the multiple of your business sales from a qualitative perspective, shifting from the operator role to the owner role is imperative. While the operator handles day-to-day operations, the owner focuses on growth and innovation. This transition might be challenging, but the benefits are substantial.

Broadening the Buyer Pool

The key to driving value in your business lies in elevating yourself from specific, industry-dependent tasks. You cultivate generic business skills by working in the owner role, which involves managing people, directing vision, and overseeing finances. These skills broaden the buyer pool because they are transferable across industries, making your business more appealing to a broader range of potential buyers.

Reducing Risk and Premium Sale Prices

Owner-absent or semi-owner-absent businesses, where the owner spends minimal time operating, attract premium sale prices. This model allows the buyer to focus on growth while minimizing the risk of business decline after the owner's departure.

Removing Yourself from Employee Operations

Delegating employee-facing activities to middle management protects the business from a potential employee exodus after a transition. Distancing yourself from day-to-day employee management reduces uncertainty and enhances stability.

Strategic Delegation in Operations

Focus on building a robust middle management layer to handle day-to-day operations, including customer-facing activities. Shifting customer relationships from owner-centric to company-centric minimizes the risk of customer loss during a transition, fostering stability for a new owner.

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In summary, the path to increasing your business's value and market appeal involves a strategic shift from the operator to the owner role. By delegating effectively in employee and vendor operations and strategically managing customer relationships, you reduce risk and make your business more attractive to diverse potential buyers.

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