Buying a Business - How to Find Businesses for Sale

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How to Find Businesses to Buy Are your you thinking about buy a business? Maybe the new SBA incentive really got you thinking about buying a business? Or maybe it was a friend that had recent success, or maybe you even heard about business buying opportunities on a podcast (like The Deal Board?).  No matter the reason, the search begins!    Step 1: Your Criteria Maybe you just

Selling a Business - How to Avoid Deal Killers

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Selling a Business: Deal Killers   You found a buyer for your business, they make a great offer, you accept, and everything should be smooth sailing after this, right? Many times, that is the case, but often sellers run into the dreaded “deal killer” before the sale can close.     So, what is a Deal Killer?   Due diligence is essentially a type of inspection

2020 Market Report

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Curious about the current business maker? Read below to learn what happened in 2020 and what we can expect in the future.     Key takeaways of the 2020 market data: The federal stimulus packages offering reduced loan fees and coverage of certain payments continue to increase the demand of businesses for sale, both by buyers and lenders.  Many business owners waited out 2020 i

How Small Businesses Are Valued

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Almost every business owner ponders at some time: what is my business worth? And you may think the formula and the answer is fairly simple, but unfortunately, that Is not always the case, whether the valuation is in preparation to sell the business, raise capital, or just because you are curious. Depending on the purpose of the valuation, businesses are valued in different ways. These differ

An Explanation of How Businesses are Sold

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When I tell people what I do, most have never heard of a business broker. And I'll explain the profession as a 'realtor for businesses.' Which usually gets me a  slight nod of understanding. But it's still not enough. Small business sales represent a large part of our local economies. Thousands of businesses are sold across the United States each year for totals in the hun