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Why Should I Use a Business Broker?

Why Should I Use a Business Broker?

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Why should somebody use a business broker? So if you are a individual or a company that owns your own business, and you're not sure what you want to do, a lot of people are really scared about selling. They like, "Wow, I've got this business. I've had it for many years, I want to retire." Or, "I don't know what to do. And I absolutely cannot have my customers or my employees know that I want to sell. What do I do?" And unfortunately, many people, what they do is they sell it to the person down the street, or they do seller financing with an employee. And that really hurts the seller because you want to be out. If you've made that decision after so many years of building a business, that you want to move on to that next chapter of your life, whether you're retiring or you're just tired doing what you're doing, it's very important that something you've built that's been your baby for many years, it's very important that you find the right buyer to continue that business. Because every business has got an asset value. Every business is worth something and it's worth the time, the blood and sweat and tears that you've put into it. So we recommend as a business broker, there are folks in the industry that will help you, that will hold your hand through the process, that will listen to you and confidentially put together a plan and a process for you to sell your business. And they do it to where they analyze your financials, they look at your profit and loss statements, they look at your tax returns, they analyze your balance sheet to see what you have as far as assets, equipment, real estate. And then they put together a plan for you to confidentially list that business so people don't know, and find buyers.