Selling Your Business Starts Early

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As a business owner, you’re focused on running, growing, and expanding your business. But have you started considering what it means to sell your business in the future? Your sale date may be 2 or 20 years away, but this is information you need to know now.   Start Early Preparing to sell your small business takes time, and if you want to be fully prepared, a lot of it! After all, se

The Value of a Business

The Value of a Business

As the experts in buying and selling businesses, business brokers need to be masterful at answering questions that business owners have. One of the most common questions we hear from business owners is “how much is my business worth?”This question, understandably, comes with a wide range of factors. Even businesses that are seemingly similar, can vary depending on their size, location,

Maintaining Success as a New Business

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Every business owner knows that maintaining a successful business is no easy endeavor. Business owners also know that the feelings of accomplishment and pride that come with owning and running your own business are unparalleled. With an entrepreneurial spirit making its way through the globe since the Covid-19 Pandemic, self employment has reached an all-time high as people continue to crave auton

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The Sale of a Business Requires Confidentiality, Experience & Financial Acumen One of the many reasons to use a business broker and advisor is that the sale of a business requires confidentiality. It is important that the business remain at peak performance during the selling process. There are times when announcing that a business is for sale will affect sales, operations, employee turnover and

Transworld Business Advisors of Indiana Can Help You Evaluate Your Middle Market Transaction   The Transworld Business Advisors of Indiana team will work to evaluate the best approach for those companies with earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) of more than $1 million. Sometimes called M&A or Middle Market Transactions. Other business features that would

Sell Your Business

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Blog Courtesy of Boss Magazine Editorial It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected business in many ways. It was challenging for small- and medium-sized business owners to manage their daily operations while still complying with the federal and state mandates regarding the deadly virus. It’s important to note that more people are getting vaccinated, but the ri

Seven Steps to Selling Your Business

Seven Steps to Selling Your Business

Seven Steps to Selling Your Business Interested in selling your business? Follow these steps for a seamless process.   When a small business goes up for sale, it’s not just buyers who are investigating. Smart sellers will come to the table with a clear understanding of their business’ competitive position in the market, a realistic asking price, and knowledge of a potential buy