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Internal Sales

Transactional Services: Help Selling a Business in Las Vegas to an Internal Party

Already have the perfect buyer for your business? If you need help selling a business in Las Vegas to an employee, family member, or friend, Transworld Business Advisors can still assist you in the transaction. Having an impartial, business intermediary on your team can be an invaluable way to put our negotiation expertise to work for you and lessen tension that may arise between parties.

Our transactional services include:

  • Execution of a confidentiality agreement 
  • Review of the offering and business financials
  • Review of the pricing strategy
  • Broker opinion of value
  • Consulting
  • Deal negotiation and structure
  • Financing strategies
  • Due diligence execution
  • Negotiate offer with buyer on seller’s behalf
  • Closing preparation and support
  • Planning for the training and transition period

What is a Transactional Advisor?

A transactional advisor or seller’s agent for selling a business in Las Vegas works solely on the seller's behalf to promote the seller's interests with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity. The agent negotiates on behalf of and advocates for the seller. 

When Does a Seller’s Agent get Involved in the Transaction Process?

The seller’s representation program is for clients who are selling their business to a buyer within their business and who needs assistance during the sale process. The broker will act as a transaction broker in the sale.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Seller’s Agent for a Business Transaction?

Working with a business broker to represent you for selling a business in Las Vegas in a small business sale transaction is a great way to ensure negotiations, financing, and closing timelines are all well managed. Our Transworld Business Advisors’ Las Vegas business brokers also have a great network of quality financial, wealth, tax, and law professionals with the right kind of deal experience to bring to the deal table when complementary experts are needed.

Your business broker will make sure all the following are properly managed for the sale of your Las Vegas business:

  • Deal Structure and Offer Negotiations
  • Contract and Lease Transfer to New Ownership
  • Closing and Due Diligence Timeline
  • Transition Planning and Roll Out


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Sell Side Business Brokerage Fees

It is typical for selling a business in Las Vegas in a business or real estate sale for a sell side broker to earn a commission paid at deal close. The commission fee is based on a percentage of the sale and may include a retainer that will be credited toward closing. It is best to speak with a business broker directly to learn the pricing for your specific business transaction. By scheduling a consultation you can learn more about the internal sale process and if we’re a fit to work together.


What are our clients saying?

"Al and his team simply are first class. They went above and beyond to educate us on best techniques for selling our business and they also answered all the questions that we had concerning what happens before, during and after the sale. And best of all, they came through on delivering buyers! Couldn't recommend their services more!" Tim T.