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Our Team of Business Brokers & Small Business Advocates

Non-Licensed Owner Partners

Al Fialkovich

Chief Executive Officer

B2B & B2C services, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services

Al Fialkovich is the Chief Executive Officer at Transworld, a company he co-founded with his business partner and wife, Jessica.

He is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) through the International Business Brokers Association. Al is a business-savvy advisor to mature businesses as well as a trusted counselor to the business community assisting visionary entrepreneurs to sell, acquire, and establish new businesses. Inspired by the business communities in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Colorado, Al works hard to help business owners navigate the challenges involved in selling their companies. His experience falls into a wide variety of industries including B2B & B2C services, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services. This knowledge combined with his role as a business owner of over 10 companies allows him to offer clients a unique combination of service and perspective. Al is a Member of the International Business Brokers Association, the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries, and the Entrepreneurs Organization. Al enjoys traveling with his wife, Jessica, and dog, Sailor, skiing, hiking, and collecting wine.

(720) 370-6699

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Jessica Fialkovich


Jessica Fialkovich is a Certified Business Intermediary and operates as Transworld's President, overseeing strategic planning, marketing, and support for the company.

After over a decade of buying, building, and selling successful businesses in the wine & spirits and retail industries in Colorado and Florida, Jessica established Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain to employ her passion and experience in business by guiding others in their entrepreneurial quests. Outside of Transworld, Jessica is the President of MOD Assistants and is involved with the Denver Metro Chamber, Entrepreneur's Organization, Broadview Denver, and the Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute among other organizations. Jessica is a charismatic and savvy advisor, with a passion for outdoor recreation, her husband, Al, and pup, Sailor!

Jessica is also the host of The Deal Board Podcast, along with Andrew Cagnetta,  CEO of Transworld Business Advisors. The Deal Board is a place to learn about the best way to sell a business or acquire a new business across a wide variety of industries. The podcast's aim is to help listeners understand the process through conversations with successful entrepreneurs who have learned the ins and outs of buying and selling businesses as part of their own business endeavors.

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Licensed Agents

Chris Cantwell

Partner | Managing Director | Broker
Nevada Broker License: B.1002911.LLC.
NV Business Broker Certificate: BUSB.0007104

B2B & B2C Service Businesses, Construction, Logistics, Staffing, Hospitality, & Retail

Chris Cantwell is a Certified Business Intermediary, Business Broker, co-founder, and owner of Transworld Business Advisors – Las Vegas South.

Chris brings 20 plus years of business experience to Transworld, including 5 years at the #1 Transworld office globally before founding Las Vegas, and has been honored as a top broker nationwide since he began his Transworld career. Chris is a perennial President’s Club member and has been awarded multiple times as a Broker of the Year and Dealmaker of the Year.

Chris is often asked if he has considered buying any of the companies he sells. His response was, “I didn’t find the right one until now, I am proud to be a Transworld owner servicing the business community and entrepreneurs in Southern Nevada.” Chris is diverse in working with buyers and sellers in all privately held business industries. As an advocate for entrepreneurship, Chris enjoys mentoring and teaching students through programs such as Junior Achievement South Nevada. Chris and his family enjoy boating on Lake Mead, golfing, and skiing in Colorado.

(702) 899-3324

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Michael Johnson

Business Broker
NV Broker/Salesperson License: BS145874
NV Business Broker Certificate: BUSB7043

Michael Johnson is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors – Las Vegas South.

Michael is a long time Las Vegas resident with over 25 years of experience in all levels of small business, including management, operations, and marketing strategy.

With ownership experience in large-scale entertainment production, construction, gaming, hospitality, and automotive, his focus is now on helping buyers and sellers in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas reach their business goals.

(702) 376-8980

[email protected]

Marie Fuentes

Business Broker
NV Salesperson License: S.0170454
NV Business Broker Certificate: BUSB.0007175

Marie Fuentes is a California native with Real Estate and Lender industries experience to the Las Vegas market.

She has been in the multi-million-dollar club several times with her brokerages and awarded Top Las Vegas Teams. Prior to Real Estate, she owned an equipment leasing company and worked with large lenders in both the equipment lease and real estate industries.

Marie has her BA in Political Science, with a focus on Law. She has been previously active in the Asian American Chamber of Commerce, as both President and Vice President positions. She is currently active with the Women in Real Estate Development organization of Las Vegas empowering one another with knowledge and experience toward business growth.

(702) 630-5903

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Dan Caspi

Business Broker
NV Salesperson License: S.0185058
NV Business Broker Certificate: BUSB.0007215

Dan Caspi Grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and developed a deep passion for business early on.

His first journey was owning and managing "Man Cave," a pioneering chain of concept stores on the Las Vegas Strip specializing in luxury retail. But Man Cave was just the beginning. Over a decade, he has created, managed, and scaled successful businesses across various fields, from real estate to technology. This diverse experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurs' challenges and opportunities.

Dan's journey as a serial entrepreneur has shown him that business is not just about profits but about realizing dreams and creating lasting value. Business brokerage emerged as the perfect avenue for him to utilize his extensive background to help others achieve their dreams through business ownership. He believes every entrepreneur has a unique story, and his mission is to guide them in turning their visions into reality.

As a multilingual professional who has traveled the world, Dan excels at engaging with a diverse clientele. His global perspective enhances his ability to connect with people on a deeper level. He understands that true success comes from balancing ambition with empathy.

Dan is a strong advocate of work-life balance. Outside of work, he cherishes spending quality time with his family. He believes nurturing one's personal life is essential to achieving professional success.

Dan's commitment is to leverage his rich experience to provide exceptional service and deliver successful client outcomes. By aligning their aspirations with practical strategies, he aims to foster growth, resilience, and fulfillment in their entrepreneurial journeys.

(725) 257-7718

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Dave Santella

Business Broker
NV Salesperson License: S.0194972
NV Business Broker Certificate: BUSB.0007115NV

Dave Santella is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors of Las Vegas South.

As an agent with Transworld Business Advisors, we help our clients buy and sell businesses every day. Every broker that is part of our team completes a full business brokerage training course and certification program. We understand that the task of buying or selling a business can be overwhelming without the proper guidance and skills. Over the years, we have helped many companies around the world with the buying and selling process ensuring our client's confidentiality every step of the way. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for both sides by relying on our global network of experienced business advisors.

(702) 250-9122

[email protected]

David Bryan

Business Broker
NV Salesperson License: S.0201582
NV Business Broker Certificate: BUSB.0007208

David Bryan is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors of Las Vegas South.

David has over twenty years of business experience in the fields of software and hardware development, electronics manufacturing, medical devices, real estate, and healthcare. His experience includes jobs at large corporations in addition to smaller start-ups, where he was able to help three different businesses go public. He has overseen the development of product lines whose sales are measured in the tens of millions and has spent the last seven years as President of International Operations for an electronics manufacturer, spending a great deal of time in Asian factories and business offices procuring business partnerships and ensuring that quality standards and product specifications are met.

In addition to working for others, David has owned and operated several businesses including an auto repair shop, waste services company, multi-state vending operation, and real estate investment company.

David has a BSBA in Business Management from the University of Missouri and an MBA with an emphasis on Finance from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

(702) 991-5360

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Commercial Real Estate Licensed Agents

Jason Startari

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Jason Startari joined Transworld in 2021 and enjoys working alongside the Business Advisors in empowering clients to understand their real estate values and achieve their goals.

With 15 years of real estate management experience, Jason focuses on asset valuation, owner-occupied sales, acquisitions, and leasing in Colorado and Nevada.

Prior to joining Transworld, Jason earned an MBA in Finance from Lehigh University and a certificate in Commercial Real Estate from Cornell. He was an active member in the Philadelphia Chapter of ULI and served on the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors for Smithfield Township, PA.

Despite “retiring” from professional baseball in 2005, Jason maintains an active lifestyle and embraces all-things outdoors. He is an avid Cross-Fitter, golfer, and skier, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than bouncing from sport-to-sport with his active family!

(720) 729-0551

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Shared Service Team

Kelsey Fagan

Chief Operations Officer

Kelsey Fagan is the Chief Operations Officer for Transworld Business Advisors – Colorado, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Las Vegas South

She joins the Transworld Business Advisors’ team with a short stint in residential real estate before running the operations for a Colorado based technical staffing agency for the last seven years. In her prior career, she learned to lead the team with a “listen to understand and not simply to respond” mentality that she carries through to Transworld today. Kelsey has a strong background in process improvement, Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) integration, strategic partnerships and leadership. She thrives on building collaborative teams and structuring workflows to capitalize on efficiency.

Kelsey graduated from Colorado State University with an international relations and German language major with a business minor in 2012. Through her college years, Kelsey was a competitive downhill skier which lead her to compete internationally and spend summers in Austria training and living on a farm. It was there, that she really had the opportunity to hone in on discipline, structured organization and smooth operations both on the hill and managing hay fields. Outside of work, Kelsey can be found traveling the rodeo circuit and creating western styling concepts for women in the agriculture businesses and lifestyle.

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Lindsey Hayden


Lindsey Hayden began working with Transworld in February of 2019. Lindsey grew up in Florida and obtained her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!).

She's a U.S. Army veteran and spent 6 years serving as a Language Analyst before deciding to move to Denver and starting a business with her husband, Tom, in 2017. Lindsey enjoys learning more about the small business world in Colorado and being a part of helping other business owners realize their dreams. She enjoys accounting and handles the bookkeeping, billing, and invoicing for Transworld Business Advisors and Transworld Commercial Real Estate.

When not at work, Lindsey loves to go hiking to take in the beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery, play video games with her husband, and relax at home while reading science fiction and fantasy books.

(720) 580-3807

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Susan Peterson

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Susan Peterson joined Transworld as Sales and Marketing Coordinator in February 2022. She supports the sales team, VP of Operations and Sales Directors.

Susan has a long history in conference planning and hotel management. After taking time off to raise two now competent and independent teenage girls with her husband, she rejoined the workforce in 2015. In her most recent role, Susan worked as a Virtual Business Assistant with Mod Assistants. This provided her the opportunity to work with TransWorld brokers prior to joining the organization. She is excited to now be a full-time member of this dynamic team.

In her free time, Susan enjoys running, working out, reading and spending time with family and friends.

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Lisa Schmidtetter

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Lisa Schmidtetter was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA

She received her bachelor's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Duquesne University. She always had a desire to get into the real estate world before college and just a couple years after graduating from college, she quickly learned she had a real passion for real estate.

She's worked in commercial and residential real estate for three years, working in administration, marketing and social media and management. Two years into her real estate career, she helped start a real estate brokerage in Pittsburgh, PA. Having been a part in the business opening, creating all of its marketing and social media, they successfully grew the business to have 10 agents. And it's still growing. Working with this company was a great opportunity for my career in business and real estate as it allowed her the opportunity to learn how real estate transactions work and how to learn, manage and grow business processes. After managing that office for almost two years, she decided to move to Dallas, TX, a place she’s always wanted to live.

In her free time, she enjoys running, yoga, being outdoors, and learning her new city!

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Jaime Palmer

Director of Digital Marketing

Jaime Palmer graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance.

She’s worked in various marketing and advertising roles since, gaining experience in many different industries.

In her free time, Jaime loves to explore the beauty of the world, whether that is in the mountains of Colorado or in other countries around the world. She also loves to spend as much time as she can with family, friends and her dog Riley.

Abby Schnagl

Marketing Operations Specialist

Abby Schnagl graduated from Texas Tech University with dual bachelor’s degrees in Media Strategies and Public Relations.

She quickly transitioned into the fast-paced world of the healthcare staffing industry, where she played a pivotal role in developing their Marketing Department. Abby is all about making things run smoother and helping everyone get work done in the most efficient ways possible. She is passionate about understanding the customer's journey and ensuring that everyone's experience is high-quality. Abby loves creating fun and welcoming content that makes people feel right at home. She’s big on teamwork and always ready to switch gears and try new approaches to achieve the best results.

Off the clock, you'll likely find her with her golden retriever, Teddy. Abby loves traveling, meeting new people, and is always on the lookout for her next adventure!

Amy Sailors

Buyer Representative

Amy Sailors was born and raised in Belton, Texas.

She received her B.S. from Tarleton State University, and her passion is helping to meet the needs of and advance the goals of others with whom her path crosses.

In 2018, she married her best friend, Alan; they live together with their dogs, horses, cattle, and whatever else wanders across the farm/ranch. In her spare time, she enjoys all things outdoors, quilting, birding, diving into the world of AKC field trials, and finding the little joys in each moment.