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Price Opinion Service

We’ve described how to approach valuing a business in What is My Business Worth?”. Whether you wonder how to apply that information and determine how much your business is worth or whether you are ready to sell your business and want greater insights over how potential buyers would analyse your business, Transworld can assist you with our Price Opinion Service.

How does it work and what do I get? A typical engagement involves us asking you a series of detailed questions to capture nature of your business and to determine appropriate assumptions for analysis, gathering financial information, analysing sales statistics for similar private businesses and putting it all together into a detailed report that explains work performed and the resulting suggested price for your business.

How long does it take to complete it? Usually we can have a report available for you in less than a week.

How much will it cost? Call us to get a quote. The best part is that we would credit Price Opinion Service fees paid against our fees to sell your business.

Is this a full business appraisal that banks require? While our report is quite comprehensive, banks typically require an appraisal prepared by an independent Chartered Business Valuator. Such reports follow a prescribed format, take longer to complete and cost more. If you are our client and require a full appraisal report, we can recommend a professional who can prepare it.

What is my next step? Call us to discuss how we can help you determine what your business is worth and to sell your business.