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How To Sell Your Raleigh Business

Business owners come to us to help them achieve the highest and best possible price for your business. Our business brokers provide an accurate business valuation for our Raleigh clients. No one will work harder to represent you and your business than our Transworld business brokers.

Our business brokers understand that your time is more valuable when invested in continuing to run your company. In order to achieve the best price, your company must continue to grow. After all, that will be what a buyer who wants to purchase it will be looking for.

Our Raleigh Firm

We will assist you in taking the first step in selling your business by providing a trusted business valuation. Nothing is more concerning to business owners than confidentiality and our professional business brokers understand this. Our bottom-line is the successful sale of your business.

There is an old adage that most everyone in business has heard, “Buy low, sell high.” The reason this quote has been around for centuries is because it’s true. This adage is especially true if you are considering selling your Raleigh business.  In recent years, the Triangle has seen approximately $15.5 billion dollars in business mergers and acquisitions. This year, these numbers will more than double. Across the country, business sales are up 15% according to

Our team of professional business brokers will walk you through the process of business valuation, explain how businesses are confidentially marketed and share with you how the examination period of due diligence is best handled. Remember that Transworld Business Advisors has been selling businesses for over 40 years. Our perfected systems of valuation, marketing and getting the deal closed have been perfected over decades by many of the best business brokers in the industry.

A Sellers Market In Business Sales?

The Raleigh Business sales market is robust. Each year we are contacted by 2,000 plus business buyers. The individuals are looking to buy businesses for sale in the Raleigh, NC market. Many business owners ask us, "How long will it take to sell my business?" I wish we had a definitive answer to this all-important question.

It typically takes 7-8 months for a business to sale but we have had many that have sold as quickly as 4 - 6 weeks. Some of the primary drivers in business sales are the price of the business, having good books, business growth, management in place and a few other factors. Fortunately, for Raleigh business owners, business owners can be assured that Raleigh is a strong and desirable destination for individuals looking to buy a business.

If you are considering selling your Raleigh business, we'd encourage you to sit down with one of our business brokers in Raleigh so that you can get comfortable with the process of a business sale and also begin the early work of receiving an accurate business valuation.

Contact one of our business brokers today for a confidential consultation.

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Our business brokers know that buying a business is one of the biggest life decisions you will ever make. It can be a long and laborious process, or it can be a relatively simple transaction if you do your research, get the right advice and cover all the basics. Our professional business brokers take the fear out of what might otherwise be a frightening process.

Buying a business is a nuanced and time-consuming process. Transworld business brokers have over 40 years of experience and their professional services encompass every imaginable business industry. Transworld Business Advisors now includes over 500 business brokers in 16 different countries. Our business brokers will sit down with you and explain the entire process of buying a business.

Our Business Brokers Help You Find The Right Business

The process of searching for a business can be confusing and nuanced. With so many businesses to choose from, how do you find the needle in the haystack? Business buyers may purchase one to three businesses in their lifetime, whereas a professional business broker reviews hundreds annually. A mentor is someone who has been where you have not been and they have done what you have not done. Sitting down with a business broker early in the process of buying a business is always highly recommended.

If you are considering the purchase of a business in the greater Wake County business market we'd love the opportunity to earn your business. Today is a great time to buy a business as Baby Boomers (about 70,000,000 of them) are poised to make a great impact on the American business ownership landscape. More than 70% of these small businesses will change hands in the next 10-15 years. The sale of almost 12 million businesses represents a significant increase in available businesses coming on the market.

If you are considering buying a business, call us today. Our friendly and professionally trained business brokers will love the opportunity to assist you.

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About Transworld

Our Raleigh Business Brokers Are Here To Help!


Our business advisors will help you take the first step in selling your business. Many business owners that we meet with have somewhere between 80-90% of their personal net worth tied up in one asset: the company they own.

When a business owner needs to sell their business, they can't just stick a for sale sign in the window. They need the professional assistance of a Raleigh brokerage firm to confidentially locate and vet potential buyers.

Local business buyers also rely on our business brokers to help facilitate the process of evaluating potential businesses and franchises for sale. A Transworld Business Advisor is the solution for both scenarios. Our team focuses on three core services: business valuations, confidential marketing, and vetting qualified buyers.

With over 10,000 businesses sold, Transworld Business Advisors has become the gold-standard in the business brokerage industry. We have built a strong reputation over the 40 years that we have been serving business owners in their local communities. Our business brokers serve as local community leaders and we live here in Raleigh, NC. As a team, our local business brokers are proud to call Raleigh home!

Why Is Transworld Business Advisors The Right Firm For You?


If you are ready to retire, feeling burnt out or simply ready to sell your business, Transworld Business Advisors has a proven system for confidential business sales. Our team of business brokers in Raleigh have all owned businesses and they understand personally the unique pressures of business ownership.

Our business brokers begin our relationships with business owners with a complimentary consultation so that we can meet you, understand your goals, help determine your business valuation and then explain our professional services that will help you sell your business.

Our client-first approach has helped Transworld Business Advisors over the past 40 years best serve business owners like yourself. We are honored to represent many of the Triangle's largest and most profitable business owners with the confidential sale of their businesses.

Transworld North Carolina offices include Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Greenville, and Wilmington. Additionally, Transworld has over 200 local business brokers' offices across the US and 16 countries.

Every day, Transworld Business Brokers are helping hundreds of entrepreneurs sell and buy businesses. Our focus is privately held or family-owned middle and small market businesses. More specifically, our Raleigh team of business brokers are keen to the Raleigh market and we've built an ever-growing pool of buyers that are looking to purchase businesses in the Raleigh market.

We Feel Strongly About Being Your Trusted Business Brokers


Our business brokers are passionate about small and mid-size businesses and we are local. While we are 100% confident in the team of business brokers that we have acquired and their professional services, we understand that professional relationships are built on trust. 

Business sellers using our business brokerage services enjoy the following services: Complimentary Client Consultation, Business Valuation, Access To Extensive Market Comps, Vast Industry Experience, Global Network of Business Brokers, Confidential Marketing, Vetting Potential Buyers and 40 Years of Business Sales Experience. Selling or Buying a business, for many, is one of life's largest decisions and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Feel free to contact any of the business brokers on our team to set up your initial client consultation.

Selling Your Raleigh Business


Business owners contact us daily that are considering the sale of their business. These men and women represent some of the sharpest and most educated in our community. While these business owners have vast experience in their fields, few have ever actually sold a business that they personally own.

There are many factors that lead these business owners to contact us when they are wanting to sell their Raleigh business. Some are entering retirement years, experiencing health or family issues and others are simply burnout.

Having never chartered these waters before, these business owners need to know the value of their business, the business sales process, how businesses are marketed confidentially, how long it takes to sell a business and they need to know how potential buyers are vetted.

Transworld Business Advisors is one of the few firms that has an entire team committed to assisting our clients with a team of professional business brokers. Our Raleigh team is not just one of the largest but one of the most qualified as well. 


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