7 Helpful Ways to Decide If It's Time to Sell Your Company

7 Helpful Ways to Decide If It's Time to Sell Your Company

You have poured your life into your business, growing it from the bottom up, nurturing it all the way. Your idea has turned into a tangible, lucrative project that not only affected your life but that of your employees and customers. However, after a dream has turned into a reality, there is hard work and persistence involved. There comes a time when a business owner may need or want to sell to either retire or pursue other endeavors. If you are unsure if you have hit that fork in the road, here are 7 helpful ways to decide if it’s time to sell your company.

1. You or a family member’s health needs have become your main priority

If you find that you are taking four to five medications daily to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol and other factors of lost youth, it may be time to consider finally taking a break. If this is the case, it is time to slow down and treat your health as your main priority.

2. Your company has grown beyond your skill set

Technology is continuously advancing. At first, you may have been able to keep up and your business reflected your abilities. However, the company may have seen inevitable evolution with passing time, indicating that it may be time to sell it to more capable hands.

3. The market is no longer in your favor

It often happens that something that was the “latest trend” has become old news. If you find that your business reached a specific niche audience that is slowly fading away, it may be the perfect time to consider selling before losing profits.

4. Your finances have seen better days

Here is the harsh reality - perhaps your finances are not what they used to be. Much like the market changing, sometimes your circumstance can affect your business’s profitability. From having a competitive business move a few storefronts away to a natural disaster causing a long-winded shut down for repairs. No matter the reasoning, sometimes your business is doing nothing but weighing you down and the wisest decision may be letting it go.

5. You’d like to pursue new business opportunities

The reason to sell your business does not always have to be negative. In fact, your interests may be ever-changing. It may be time to sell your business when your entrepreneurial mind has ideas for a new endeavor in a new industry. 

6. A new job opportunity comes along

Your time as a business owner may have been exciting or draining - no matter the feeling, your skillset from running it may make you an asset to someone else’s company. It may be time to sell your business when you get a job offer you just cannot refuse.

7. You’ve earned it and it’s time to retire

Let’s face it - you have worked hard. One can even say you lived the American Dream. You had an idea, you started a business and you want to hang up your hat and have some real quality time to relax.

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