Advantages of Purchasing a Business vs. Starting Own Company

Advantages of Purchasing a Business vs. Starting Own Company

A business is like a child - it takes passion and countless hours of dedication to nurture it into something successful. The fact is, a business is a manifestation of your passions and aspirations. That being said, with countless small businesses opening daily, it is difficult to guarantee that your business will stand the test of time. However, you do not need to put your entrepreneurial dreams on hold. There are a number of established businesses seeking new management in the industries you admire.

If you are debating whether or not to start your own business, consider these advantages to purchasing an existing one:

1. Resources

Purchasing an existing business means you are taking over more than just a name. From suppliers to products, you do not need to develop new relationships or determine which services or merchandise (depending on your industry) are going to sell well in your market. The previous owner has already gone through this process long before you arrived.

2. Reputation

You are also acquiring a name. Whether it is a free-standing business or a part of a franchise group, an existing business is already established. This means you are inheriting its good-standing in the community.

3. Loyal Customers

On top of resources, an existing business comes with a loyal customer base. Although you may have plans to expand, change some branding or spruce up the merchandise, you are likely to have customers who visit no matter whose name is on the corporate papers. Starting a new business means developing these kinds of relationships from scratch.

4. Cash Flow

A major advantage to purchasing a business is its cash flow. When you start your own business, you may not see much of a return on investment for months or even years. You can be turning a profit, but between operational costs and early investments, it takes time to break even. However, an established business has already been through this process. When you become its owner, cash flow is a reality, not merely a future goal.

5. Real Estate

Last, but certainly not least, purchasing a business can come with leasehold or real estate ownership. If you are starting your own, you may have to search for the perfect location at a price you can manage. When purchasing a business, the location is often an added perk of ownership.

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