Bobbie Coffey - Success Story

Bobbie Coffey - Success Story

Congratulations Bobbi! 

Transworld is pleased to announce the success of Transworld of Houston's newest agent, Bobbi Coffey, for securing 16 listings in her first three weeks!

Bobbi came to training school this June and hit the ground running. Of these 16 listings, two of them include a $4.5 million staffing company and a $1.8 million medical practice. 

Bobbi returned from training school on a Saturday, and that Monday dropped 96 drop letters, receiving 25 callbacks the very next day. Three days later, she dropped 154 more letters and got 30 callbacks. Thereafter, Bobbi dropped over 150 letters and doesn't plan to stop! Of the 16, 14 of Bobbi's listings were obtained by drop letters.

Bobbi thanks the training she received at UFG headquarters from Glenn Haddad for much of her early success. Simply stated, she just "follows the Transworld system - it works!"

Her broker, Gerry Brisson, and colleagues applauds her incredible start.

Please join us in congratulating Bobbi on this tremendous success!