Businesses Thriving in Houston

Businesses Thriving in Houston

The world feels a little upside down but a different perspective would argue this is the most unified the world has ever been. We are all in this together – in Houston and beyond. Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to support local businesses in our neighborhoods. Small business owners in Houston need you and many are thriving despite the COVID-19 crisis. Although many of us are self-isolating to keep ourselves and our family safe, there are businesses open and providing the services we need most. 

Open For Business in Houston

There are certain services deemed essential, and therefore, businesses are open to provide them, giving these businesses a unique opportunity to think outside the box and find new ways to be successful. For example, dry cleaning and laundromats, for those who do not have in-home washers and dryers, are still open because people need to do laundry. This is your chance to have your coats dry cleaned or favorite pants hemmed. Things that were at the bottom of your checklist for when you had the chance to “get around to it,” are items you can complete now while supporting local businesses. Additionally, many of these businesses are offering new services such as delivery or curbside drop-off/pickup options.

On the other hand, some industries – such as restaurants – have remained open because they can do so while remaining safe. Although they perhaps do not fall in the “essential” category when you first think about it, they are vital to our society, economy and local culture. Yes, to adhere to social distance precautions, many restaurants have had to close their doors to the public; however, their kitchens have remained open. Now, many restaurants that did not previously offer delivery have started offering this service and others are encouraging curbside or drive-thru pickup which creates a much greater variety of food options for everyone in the Houston area.

Many businesses have had to shift gears and have their employees work from home which has given them the unprecedented opportunity to bring in professional cleaning services to thoroughly clean and sanitize their offices or storefronts. This is most definitely a thriving industry throughout Houston at the moment. Also taking advantage of empty offices are some landlords who are tapping into some service industries and tradesmen and using the opportunity to perform some repairs and even some improvements to their properties. Homeowners are right behind them as they try to keep busy and are calling on some home services companies for work on the exterior of their homes now that they have the flexibility to be home.

Possibly confusing to some is the incredible amount of business that local gun stores have been seeing. Some have had to deal with crowds large enough that they have had to get employees to stand outside to remind patrons to stand six feet apart as they wait in line to enter the store in small groups. However, not surprising at all, are the local delivery services that are staying incredibly busy as they help the people and businesses of Houston keep moving forward. Some have had to change their policies to account for safe distances, etc. but they are finding ways to be of help.

And then, let’s not forget the many businesses in Houston that are striving to keep their employees working as they adjust to working remotely – everything from accounting firms, law offices, and marketing agencies to insurance offices and beyond. It’s been a challenge for some to find ways to keep employees motivated as they find new services they can offer to their customers and make adjustments daily but they’re doing everything they can to keep things moving.

Click, Like, Follow – Support Houston Businesses

Social media had proven to be an effective method of communication for many of these businesses in Houston as this is where most have been able to share promotions, adjusted store hours, and other quips and good news. In a time when the Internet is flooded with pessimism and uncertainty, choosing to click, like and follow Houston businesses on their social media profiles provides a great opportunity to decide what content you are absorbing most. Local businesses have been given a chance to change the narrative and the next several months will be very telling as far as the businesses that have been able to thrive in these challenging times.