Buying or Selling a Business in Houston: Know Your Economy and Major Industries

Buying or Selling a Business in Houston: Know Your Economy and Major Industries

Looking to buy or sell a business in Houston? Transworld Business Advisors of Houston has you covered. Our experienced professionals know about Houston’s major industries which will help you when making a purchase or sale decision.

Houston By the Numbers

Houston’s mix of international appeal and Southern charm have captured the attention of corporations and entrepreneurs alike. With more than 2 million residents, Houston is the nation’s fourth most populous city (as of the 2010 Census), trailing only New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

At 655 square miles, the city of Houston could contain the cities of New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Miami. A city of this size is teeming with opportunities in a variety of industries.

Houston is home to many businesses including corporate headquarters for almost two dozen of the Fortune 500 companies. Houston is home to the second largest concentration of Fortune 1000 companies in the country (49) behind only New York City (72).

Houston brings strength in its diversity. More than 145 different languages are spoken in Houston. That’s the third largest number of languages spoken in a US city behind New York (192) and Los Angeles (185). In addition, many foreign countries and corporations have established a presence in Houston in order to access North American markets via the city’s excellent distribution facilities. International trade directly or indirectly supports more than one-third of all jobs in the Houston metropolitan area. Houston’s workforce is prepared to support international expansion as more than a third of Houstonians older than five speak a language other than English at home.

Major Industries

Houston is home to a thriving business economy. For decades, Houston’s economy has been linked to oil markets. Houston continues to be home to major US energy firms in every segment, including exploration, production, oil field service and supply, and development.

Although Houston remains secure in its strong energy base and role as a headquarter for the energy industry and center for the offshore sector, Houston’s economy has also been rapidly diversifying. Houston has enjoyed recent growth in high-technology industries, medical research, health care, and professional services.

Today, the Houston economy is based on a broad spectrum of industries including:

  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Basic petroleum refining
  • Petrochemical production
  • Medical research and health care delivery
  • High-tech (computer, aerospace, electronics, engineering, etc.)
  • Government (city, state and federal)
  • International import and export
  • Agriculture and agribusiness (marketing, processing, packaging, and distribution)
  • Education
  • Film and media
  • Banking, finance, and financial services
  • Manufacturing and distribution

Transworld Business Advisors of Houston

Knowing your city, its economy, and major industries, can provide a competitive advantage when buying or selling a business. Transworld Houston’s local professionals offer the many benefits of working with local brokers that are well versed in Houston’s local business incentive programs like tax abatements, state programs, training programs, and more.

Buying or selling your business can be a complex process, so it is often very valuable to have an experienced professional guide you through the process. Our experienced professionals have lived and worked in Houston for decades and proud to call Houston home. They are well connected to other local professionals such as accountants and attorneys who may be needed to assist in the acquisition or sale of a business.

Houston Area Businesses for Sale

Want to be a Houston entrepreneur? You don’t necessarily have to start and build your own business from scratch. Sometimes the best move is to buy and grow a company that is already established.

Let us help you find a business that best fits your needs in your industry of interest. Transworld Houston can help you find the best businesses and properties for sale. Our local brokers know the ins and outs of the ever-growing Houston market. Contact us today at (281) 769-4277.