How to Grow Your Business Giving Educational Lecture

How to Grow Your Business Giving Educational Lecture

As a business owner, you may pride yourself in being an expert in your industry. It should come as no surprise, after years of working with vendors and consumers, as well as dealing with the competitive market, that you have some advice to share to aspiring entrepreneurs. The best way to share your knowledge and expertise is by hosting an educational seminar. This gives you an optimal opportunity to share the best and most efficient ways to use your products or services.

An educational seminar is without question an excellent marketing tool. However, the exposure does not stop at the name of your company – it also provides exposure for yourself. As an expert, you are not only driving business toward your company, you have an opportunity to develop new relationships and build on your existing business.

Where should your next lecture be held?

Depending on your target audience, the venue and setting can look different for everyone. If you are in the tech industry, it might be wise to hold a guest lecture at a college with a major information technology (IT) department. At the same time, if your focus is local entrepreneurship, consider hosting a small gathering at your store or nearby hotel conference room for aspiring entrepreneurs in your area. No matter where your lecture is, be sure to make an easy-to-follow presentation and practice.

Where do I begin?

No matter where your lecture is held, a successful one will increase your exposure. Why not use your years of experience to continue to grow your business beyond your office or storefront? In the age of social media and 10- to 15-second video clips, an inspiring quotable moment can make your business the next big thing. To prepare, consider these 5 simple steps:

1.      Determine your audience

2.      Draft your presentation

3.      Choose a title

4.      Choose a venue and date

5.      Promote your event

6.      Practice, practice, practice

Once you are ready, advertise your lecture to drive awareness and increase attendance. Your local business associates and networking circles can be helpful when advertising this kind of event. You may also want to reach out to local business groups including the Chamber of Commerce in your city.

Lectures are a great part of increasing brand awareness and positioning your company as an expert and leader in your market. If you are still unsure of where to begin, look no further! Transworld Business Advisors Houston has trained advisors to help you take the appropriate and beneficial steps toward learning more about the business selling process and determining the value of your business. Without a doubt, marketing yourself as an expert does wonders for the overall success of your business!

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