Preparing to Sell: Automotive Business

Preparing to Sell: Automotive Business

Are you considering selling your automotive business?

Selling a business is complicated and often overwhelming if you’re tackling this alone. Finding a broker who understands the ins and outs of automotive businesses is even harder. Transworld Business Advisors of Houston has successfully sold a variety of automotive businesses and is home to many experienced advisors that will help you sell your business from start to finish and beyond.

Now is a great time to consider selling your automotive business. US consumers are buying more cars than they have in the past; the number of cars per licensed driver stands at 1.1 which has continued to steadily increase since 1972. With an increase in car ownership comes more potential for several businesses that are directly impacted by car ownership such as automotive sales, automotive repair, oil change, automotive glass, automotive painting, car detailing, car wash, transmission repair, and automotive parts. With a projection of 269.7 million registered cars in the US compared to 2015’s 257.9 million, it is clear that the automotive industry is healthy and therefore, an attractive investment for many entrepreneurs.

However, knowing the value of your automotive business is the result of an arduous process. Don’t go about it alone. Our experienced experts offer full marketing support and specialize in understanding potential market value and offering complete confidentiality when introducing you to suitable prospective buyers. When preparing to sell a business, our advisors always start with a comprehensive analysis of the business.

We analyze the way it operates as well as its financial status and potential. We apply a variety of valuation techniques and verify your business’s projected price. Our experts organize all this information and prepare financial statements for you. Next, the team at Transworld Houston will aggressively market and expose your business without giving out your confidential information. We are known to spend more on listings and marketing than other companies and we work with thousands of brokers worldwide to ensure your listing is easily available online, in publications and on industry databases, creating competition for your listing. Though we make your listing visible and easily accessible, we make sure potential buyers are pre-qualified and have agreed to remain confidential before providing them with sensitive information. We then negotiate for you and provide support through closing and beyond.

All the while, you will continue to operate your business as usual because nothing is more attractive to a potential buyer than a thriving business. We need your expertise to remain focused on keeping the business running.

Reach out to your trusted team of experts at Transworld Business Advisors of Houston to find out more about what our advisors can do for you and your automotive business. Call us at (281) 769-4277.