As the Seller: How to Determine the Right Broker

As the Seller: How to Determine the Right Broker

The best business brokers add value to the sale of your business by providing you with the resources you need to locate and vet potential buyers. While many business brokers may say they have the ability to do this, there are several ways you can quantify whether they are likely to deliver on the promise:

  • Check their industry credentials – Brokers should be members in good standing and active in industry groups that are relevant to their business, such as the International Brokers Association and the International Franchise Association.
  • Check their business backgrounds and experience – The most successful business brokers have solid backgrounds in business ownership, management and transactions, and can demonstrate that they are educated in business principles.
  • Check where and how they would market your business – They should not only have access to a vast internal network to support business sales, but should also be able to provide you with advertising in a worldwide network and database.
  • Check their track record – Can they demonstrate that they have successfully marketed and sold businesses similar to yours? Do they have references? Find out and contact them for input.
  • Make sure they intend to keep your information confidential – Brokers should be willing to guarantee in writing that they will keep the details of your business confidential until you agree to release them to a potential buyer or buyers.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with them – Your business is likely the embodiment of your hard work and success over many years. Be sure that the brokers you choose to help you sell it are people you are comfortable communicating with and who intend to market it in a way that you are also comfortable with.

Why Choose Transworld Business Advisors of Houston

Transworld Business Advisors of Houston is the city’s number one business broker for a reason: Our team of experienced business brokers have a combined over 250 years of experience. We have a database of over 10,000 Houston buyers and receive over 100+ buyer inquiries locally each week. Through their years of experience in Houston, they ensure your business is in front of thousands of qualified buyers on day one.

The team of seasoned business professionals is led by Transworld Business Advisors of Houston President Gerry Brisson, who has more than 30 years of experience as a global business executive. He has held executive leadership positions in three Fortune 500 companies covering 50+ countries across North America, Latin America, Central America, The Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

With a background that includes managing international business units, directing global marketing, directing global procurement, sales, and operations. Gerry has been involved in hundreds of negotiations across five continents and dozens of business sales.

His team at Transworld Business Advisors of Houston specializes in providing the vital services needed to conclude successful company sales and purchases by assisting owners and buyers throughout every step of the process. They have achieved value for sellers and buyers of companies operating in industries such as accounting services, retail, restaurant, insurance, construction, security, dental practices, wholesale and distribution.

For sellers, the Transworld team works with you throughout the selling process to assist with the sale and maximize your business’s value. They take the work of the process off your hands, so that you can continue to run your business and make sure it remains profitable until the time of sale.

Initially, they meet with you to learn about your business and discuss your goals and reasons for selling. This discussion helps them to create a strategic marketing plan. Using various channels, the Transworld team then advertises your business, giving it maximum exposure to the most qualified buyers.

They also conduct a valuation of your business that will achieve both an accurate estimate of its worth and provide ways to increase its value. Transworld ensures that the sale remains confidential and screens buyers to make sure they are serious and qualified before sharing further information about your business. And when it comes time for negotiation, the team will also provide an objective approach to the transaction.

As part of the network of Transworld Business Advisors that was founded in 1979, Transworld Business Advisors of Houston also brings the strength of longstanding national and international connections and exposure to all of its transactions. Gerry Brisson was inducted into the Transworld Hall of Fame this year, having demonstrated exceptional success for his clients over the past several years. He is a member of both the Texas Association of Business Brokers and the International Business Brokers Association.

Gerry and his team are also experts in contract and lease negotiations, retail network development, new business development, global and local marketing, global retail brand management, retail revenue stream development, global procurement, franchise development, general and operational management, and global franchise development.
Overall, the team at Transworld Business Advisors of Houston takes particular pride in leveraging their extensive business experience to assist business leaders in realizing their business and life goals.

Contact the Transworld Business Advisors of Houston team at (281)769-4277. Visit for more information.