South Bay Business Industries: What to Do if You?re Looking to Buy or Sell a Business in this Area

South Bay Business Industries: What to Do if You?re Looking to Buy or Sell a Business in this Area

There has never been a better time to buy or sell a business in the South Bay area. Opportunities to benefit from the boom that several industries are experiencing are plentiful and both the state of California and the Los Angeles metro area are offering numerous incentives to help businesses succeed in their midst.

Considered the largest major manufacturing center in the United States, Los Angeles area businesses manufacture apparel, computer and electronic products, transportation products, fabricated metal products, food products, and furniture. The city’s economic development officials say the last few years have yielded major economic expansion in Los Angeles and its three-tiered, traditional economy (aerospace, entertainment, and tourism) has evolved into a well-balanced, multi-tiered economic engine driven by unparalleled access to world markets.

You might be surprised to know that, in the United States, only Detroit produces more automobiles than the Los Angeles area, which is home to the “big three” US auto manufacturers, along with Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo. In addition, the manufacture of heavy machinery for the agricultural, construction, mining, and oil industries contributes significantly to the local economy. Los Angeles is also a major producer of furniture and fixtures, as well as petroleum products and chemicals, print material, rubber goods, electronic equipment, and glass, pottery, ceramics, and cement products.

The city also has the nation’s largest port in terms of value of goods handled and tonnage, and houses one of the largest banking and finance industries in the nation.

Other prominent industries in the Los Angeles area include health services, education, high-technology research and development, professional fields such as architecture and engineering, along with a large commercial and residential construction business sector.

Businesses that specialize in Los Angeles’s thriving sectors and those that serve them are in the perfect position to reap the benefits of a variety of programs administered by state and federal sources to stimulate economic growth. These include the Manufacturers’ Investment Credit, Partial Sales of Use Tax Exemption, In-Lieu Sales or Use Tax Refund, Research & Development Tax Credit, Net Operating Loss Carryover, Foreign Trade Zones, Recycling Market Development Zone, Childcare Tax Credit, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, and the Enterprise Zones, among others.

In addition, the Los Angeles metro area government actively links businesses to a network of opportunities including financing, tax incentives, real estate, low-interest loans, job training programs, permits, and more. It is also working to develop emerging industries in Los Angeles, such as the environmental technology and biomedical industries.

Financial incentives are available as well in Federal Empowerment Zones, State Enterprise Zones, and City Tax Free Zones. Businesses wishing to expand or locate in Greater Los Angeles will find assistance through the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation.

Further, small- or medium-sized business may be eligible for technical assistance at one of the six Los Angeles Business Assistance Centers (BACs), officials note. The centers are operated by community based organizations and/or local colleges and universities and are funded by the City of Los Angeles Industrial and Commercial Development Division (ICD). Assistance is provided through a combination of in-house counselors, school faculty and private business professionals.

How to Benefit from the Trend

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