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At Transworld, our unofficial motto is to do “good deals for good people.” We’ve been lucky to serve a number of individuals and family-owned companies that have made it easy for us to follow that motto. Here are just a few success stories from our team of business brokers.

"Lisa Young is a Business Advisor with Transworld Business Advisors here in ATL.  Lisa is well respected, extremely knowledgeable and amazing to work with!  We purchased a small company 5 years ago where she represented the seller in the transaction, and she was awesome to work with!  We’ve stayed in touch over the years and she’s been a great source of market knowledge and information for several of our businesses.  She’s also super busy working on transactions at the moment, several of which are currently in SBA underwriting." Paul M.  CEO

“Michael Horwitz represented a business in which we were interested. He was always very responsive and able to consider the various angles to which a mutually beneficial arrangement might be found. Although he represented the Seller, he appropriately provided valuable guidance to parties from both sides... BIG kudos!” Mike C- Buyer

“I worked with Pedro Ferreira on closing a business deal. He is a very smart, knowledgeable, attentive and reliable person. My overall experience working with Pedro was great and I look forward to working with him in the future on other deals as well.” Kal U- Buyer

Our experience with Pedro Ferriera and TBA was very good. Very responsive and their experience helped mitigate expectations and potential problems. When the inevitable issues popped up, Pedro was very resilient in finding workable solutions. Strong recommendation!” Mike T. - Seller

Team Testimonials

“ Closing was very smooth today...pretty much due to all your legwork during the deal process. I am delighted with you and TransWorld. Great experience! If I reflect on the top item I like: As the buyer, always knowing you were the sellers agent, somehow I felt like you had my back. Said a different way, just felt your honesty and straightforwardness through the whole process. Heck, you turned me around when I got cold feet and wanted to back out. Additionally, when I looked at the closing terms and saw the payment your firm received, I felt "gosh, Lisa did a lot of work for that amount"! You and I spoke about this. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts to represent even the small deals. Hopefully, there is a corresponding $big deal in your pipeline that can offset this tiny deal. Net Net: I'm a Lisa fan as well as a TransWorld fan. Lastly, I mentioned I tried before to do a deal and failed in Due Diligence. The gap there was between the seller and her broker. The broker tried to dress up the business with add-backs to the point the seller didn't recognize the numbers. That experience helps create a nice contrast/compare between TransWorld and other brokers. Nice! "

- Phillip M

“Transworld Business Advisors of Atlanta helped sell my business. Jon Roman, flat out hustles! He and his team are adept at navigating the pivotal factors in the selling process mindfully keeping all stakeholders on task and valuing their time along the way.”

- Seller

“I worked with Transworld Business Advisors of  Atlanta on a recent acquisition. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable and made the process go smoothly. They were very good at helping address issues with the sellers and kept negotiations positive and on track. I would highly recommend them to individuals that are looking to purchase or sell a business.” 

- Buyer

“My wife and I recently purchased a franchise from Transworld Business Advisors. They were professional from start to finish in guiding us through the complex process of purchasing a business. Thank you, Transworld for making our dreams come true!”

– Franchise Buyer  

“Jon was my business broker for only 4 months, since he got the sale closed quickly and efficiently. I had it listed with others previously and all I can say is that Jon is definitely ahead of the pack. He has the knowledge and contacts in the business to make it happen. So incredibly happy to have found him and work with him. ”

- Seller 

“I had a great experience selling our business through Jon. We were under a tight time frame and he not only was able to locate a buyer but was able to get the deal done within our time constraints. I can’t recommend Jon enough for the transaction process he has established.”

– Seller

“I needed to sell my practice, a complex financial and psychological process that I could not do alone.  I felt threatened and at times overwhelmed by a process with which I was not familiar.  In your advocacy, you helped me make better decisions working with many people often with competing agendas, ultimately leading to a successful sale.  With your knowledge and advice, I was much more confident I was being smart and getting the best possible deal. In its sale, the practice I built over twenty years will survive my departure.  The relief went far beyond the money received in the sale.  I can move on knowing my patients will be able to continue to come to the same office for care.”

“You helped me achieve all of this by remaining confident, focused on my priorities and goals, and by not abandoning me or becoming disappointed when it looked like there would be no sale.  In other words, you were a professional.   You always left me feeling supported and advised even when there may not have been a financial benefit to you.”

– Seller, Medical Spa Practice 

“ My Transworld agent has been so patient, kind and of course helpful. It has been an intense process to get where we are! She worked hard to help us fi the right business and communicate my wishes. I am very comfortable working with her and I trust her.”

“ My Transworld agent kept us advised continually as to how things were progressing. When there was a breakdown, he proved to be a strategist par excellence.”

“ My Transworld agent helped me to get over this hardest time in my life. He showed his talent in the following:
1. Effectively utilizing marketing tools
2. Excellent people skill
3. Quick and effective response
4. Excellent communication skill ”

“ My Transworld agent was always fair and impartial in dealing with myself and the seller. He also was always quick to respond to any request or question and was available whenever needed.”

“ It has been my pleasure as a small business owner to be associated with Transworld for the sale of my business. I originally employed Transworld for yearly assessments of my businesses value as it was growing. My agent always treated me with respect and valued me as a potential long term client which in the end he earned. ”

“ My Transworld agent sold my business in record time because of my personal situation. I believe that I have not only found a great business broker to refer to fellow business owners but a great friend as well.”