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Buying a Colorado business is a big decision.

Transworld Business Advisors is here to support you through the process.


Buying a Denver business can be overwhelming if you’re new to the business sale process. The Colorado business brokers here at Transworld Business Advisors support individuals, partnerships, and investment firms in acquiring Colorado businesses by coaching buyers through the review of businesses for sale and managing the closing process.

Our job is to help you identify and close on the right business for your strategic business goals.

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Is it Better to Buy an Existing Business?

Buying an existing business is less risky than starting up a business, and they’re easier to finance. An existing business comes with the following benefits:

  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • Reputation and History
  • Actual Results
  • Employees
  • Existing Customers
  • Licensing and Permits

Startup companies are inherently risky ventures with 50% failing within the first 5 years. However, most business models are not unique, making buying a Colorado business the perfect opportunity to acquire a profitable business with established cash flow while limiting the capital risk involved.

How Do I Find Businesses for Sale?

Aligning yourself with a Business Broker is the best way to access turnkey small businesses for sale in Colorado. Professionals can also search business listings on their Broker’s website as well as on business listing websites. 

The Colorado businesses for sale market is very active, and there are established Denver business opportunities for buyers in every industry. Working with a Broker will give you a leg up on the search by having an advocate in your search for a profitable company.

Where Do I Find Franchises for Sale?

Buyers interested in purchasing a franchise resale should work with a Business Broker to identify franchise opportunities. They can also search franchises for sale on their Broker’s website or on business listing websites. 

Buying a franchise business can be a great first step into business ownership and similar to established businesses their business model is proven and turnkey. In addition to finding franchises for sale, Transworld can work with you to purchase a new franchise business here in Colorado.

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How Do I Buy an Existing Business?

Follow these 4 steps to buy a company:

  1. Decide on a Business. Consider parameters like industry and price.
  2. Evaluate Locations. Choose a location that suits customers and yourself.
  3. Find a Broker. Work with a Broker to access their network and expertise.
  4. Begin Negotiations. Prepare for closing and have your financials ready.

For the best access to Colorado businesses for sale, Transworld recommends signing up for our Buyer Match program.

The Keys to Finding a Business for Sale in Denver

Transworld Business Advisors has streamlined the process of buying a business in Colorado to help our buyers acquire a profitable business opportunity that fits with their goals.

  1. Search. Starting with the search, buyers will work with their broker to review businesses for sale and settle on a turnkey opportunity. 
  2. Buyer Inquiry. After a Denver, Colorado business is found, the buyer will inquire and speak with their Colorado Business Broker to determine if they will move forward.
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). If the buyer is interested in learning more about the business they will sign an NDA to receive more information and a financial recast.
  4. First Meeting. After the company review, the buyer will meet with their Business Broker to discuss the next steps and their financial capabilities to buy a business.
  5. Second Meeting. The second meeting is a time for the buyer and seller to discuss the company and tour operations.
  6. Letter of Intent. The buyer now has the opportunity to submit a letter of intent for the business for sale and work through deal negotiations with the seller and Business Broker.
  7. Due Diligence & Closing. Due diligence and closing are facilitated by the broker. When due diligence is successfully completed, the buyer and seller will execute the asset purchase agreement.

What are our clients saying?

"Al was awesome! He helped us through everything all the way through to the end and has checked in with us afterward to make sure we are getting the help we need with the new company! I would highly recommend him to anyone!" CJ Rongish 2019


Ready to Buy a Denver Business? Contact us to schedule a consultation with a broker.