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Sell a Business

Selling a Business is a Big Decision.

As expert business advisors at Transworld, we understand exactly where you are in your journey. With firsthand experience, we each strive to be the kind of broker we wish we had when we were in your shoes, ready to sell.

Congratulations on achieving what many only dream of and discuss. You successfully established a business in Colorado and made it flourish despite the challenges. Now, Transworld is here to help you exit the business with the same level of triumph. By collaborating with us, you can shift your focus towards your next venture while we take charge of positioning your business for sale in the current market. Our goal is to secure the best possible return on your years of investment.

At Transworld, we believe that selling your business should not be a needlessly complex process. It should not consume your valuable time, which could otherwise be spent on your business and loved ones.

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The Transworld Process for Selling Your Business


Determine the Value


Find a Buyer


Negotiate a Deal


You Get Paid!


When you partner with Transworld Business Advisors, there will be limited upfront costs, no hourly fees, and you’ll be the final decision maker on what's best for your business.

What we offer:

While startup companies are inherently risky ventures (50% fail within the first 5 years), buying an established Colorado business is a great way to become a business owner.

And an existing business comes with other benefits:

  • 200+ businesses sold annually
  • 316k+ active buyers across the U.S.
  • Our transaction closing percentage 4x than the industry average
  • Time-tested (40+ yrs), industry-proven practices
  • Brokers who have previous business ownership experience
  • Access to network of hundreds of professionals in banking, wealth management, and beyond
  • Confidentiality (it’s our #1 priority)
  • Transworld's sister company, Transworld Commercial Real Estate, provides support for commercial acquisitions and dispositions. Additionally, our major presence in the Nevada, Texas, and Colorado market opens up a wealth of opportunities among prospective buyers in Texas.

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What our customers have to say

We have used Transworld to help with selling our business in 2017. Although it took longer than we would have liked, the transaction process was very seamless and thorough. It was our impression that both us, the seller, as well as the buyer, felt the entire procedure was very much done by the books and conducted in a professional manner. Our consultant, Roger, was very knowledgeable in commercial sales so that made us feel very confident in the abilities of this firm. If we ever have another business to sell, Transworld will be our go-to channel.

David Guo, 2019