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Our Team of Business Brokers & Small Business Advocates

Al Fialkovich

Chief Executive Officer

B2B & B2C services, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services

Al Fialkovich is the Chief Executive Officer at Transworld, a company he co-founded with his business partner and wife, Jessica.

He is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) through the International Business Brokers Association. Al is a business-savvy advisor to mature businesses as well as a trusted counselor to the business community assisting visionary entrepreneurs to sell, acquire, and establish new businesses. Inspired by the business communities in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Colorado, Al works hard to help business owners navigate the challenges involved in selling their companies. His experience falls into a wide variety of industries including B2B & B2C services, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services. This knowledge combined with his role as a business owner of over 10 companies allows him to offer clients a unique combination of service and perspective. Al is a Member of the International Business Brokers Association, the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries, and the Entrepreneurs Organization. Al enjoys traveling with his wife, Jessica, and dog, Sailor, skiing, hiking, and collecting wine.

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Jessica Fialkovich


Jessica Fialkovich is a Certified Business Intermediary and operates as Transworld's President, overseeing strategic planning, marketing, and support for the company.

After over a decade of buying, building, and selling successful businesses in the wine & spirits and retail industries in Colorado and Florida, Jessica established Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain to employ her passion and experience in business by guiding others in their entrepreneurial quests. Outside of Transworld, Jessica is the President of MOD Assistants and is involved with the Denver Metro Chamber, Entrepreneur's Organization, Broadview Denver, and the Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute among other organizations. Jessica is a charismatic and savvy advisor, with a passion for outdoor recreation, her husband, Al, and pup, Sailor!

Jessica is also the host of The Deal Board Podcast, along with Andrew Cagnetta,  CEO of Transworld Business Advisors. The Deal Board is a place to learn about the best way to sell a business or acquire a new business across a wide variety of industries. The podcast's aim is to help listeners understand the process through conversations with successful entrepreneurs who have learned the ins and outs of buying and selling businesses as part of their own business endeavors.

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Official Office Mascot

Sailor Fialkovich is the full-time office greeter and mascot as well as the official treat tester at Transworld.

Although the specifics of the small business world do interest him, he much prefers enjoying the finer things in life! During the business week, Sailor can be found exploring the Transworld offices looking for snacks and pets, but he truly lives for his weekends where he can almost always be found outside. Some of his favorite past times include taking long hikes, camping in the mountains, or road tripping to Carmel with his parents, Al and Jessica!

Kelsey Fagan

Chief Operations Officer

Kelsey Fagan is the Chief Operations Officer for Transworld Business Advisors – Colorado, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Las Vegas South

She joins the Transworld Business Advisors’ team with a short stint in residential real estate before running the operations for a Colorado based technical staffing agency for the last seven years. In her prior career, she learned to lead the team with a “listen to understand and not simply to respond” mentality that she carries through to Transworld today. Kelsey has a strong background in process improvement, Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) integration, strategic partnerships and leadership. She thrives on building collaborative teams and structuring workflows to capitalize on efficiency.

Kelsey graduated from Colorado State University with an international relations and German language major with a business minor in 2012. Through her college years, Kelsey was a competitive downhill skier which lead her to compete internationally and spend summers in Austria training and living on a farm. It was there, that she really had the opportunity to hone in on discipline, structured organization and smooth operations both on the hill and managing hay fields. Outside of work, Kelsey can be found traveling the rodeo circuit and creating western styling concepts for women in the agriculture businesses and lifestyle.

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Lindsey Hayden


Lindsey Hayden began working with Transworld in February of 2019. Lindsey grew up in Florida and obtained her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!).

She's a U.S. Army veteran and spent 6 years serving as a Language Analyst before deciding to move to Denver and starting a business with her husband, Tom, in 2017. Lindsey enjoys learning more about the small business world in Colorado and being a part of helping other business owners realize their dreams. She enjoys accounting and handles the bookkeeping, billing, and invoicing for Transworld Business Advisors and Transworld Commercial Real Estate.

When not at work, Lindsey loves to go hiking to take in the beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery, play video games with her husband, and relax at home while reading science fiction and fantasy books.

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Gary Goldwasser

Managing Director

Manufacturing & Lawn Care

Gary Goldwasser is a Business Intermediary with Transworld.

He started his career off as a salesman in the printing business where he worked for 26 years. Over the years he moved into executive management and his experience brought him to the realization that he wanted to own his own company – since then he has been the proud owner of three separate businesses. The experience and challenge of business ownership has directly impacted Gary and pushed him to be a great manager, co-worker, leader, husband, and father. Passionate about business, Gary believes, at its core, business is about trust and building strong relationships. He understands how Colorado treats its businesses and how he can treat them back. He’s the hometown hero. Gary is a native of Colorado and lives in Parker, Colorado. In his free time, he loves to play golf, tend to his garden and spend time with his wife and two kids.

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Nathan Willis

Business Broker

B2B and B2C Service, Home Health Care, Drilling & Excavation, and Transportation & Logistics

Nathan Willis is a business broker with Transworld Business Advisors.

An advisor that has walked in your shoes.

Before I started my career in business brokerage and M&A, I spent over a decade as an owner and operator of three health clubs in the Denver Metro Area. Two of the locations were start-ups and one location was an acquisition. Dozens of employees and contractors, lots of equipment, complicated leases and build-outs, and many lessons learned along the journey.

In 2017 it was time to start the next chapter of my life, so I retained Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado to assist me with the sale of my business. Shortly after the sale, I joined the Transworld team as a business broker. It was a natural fit, and in 2022 I became an equity Partner in the Colorado business.

If you're thinking about selling, let's discuss what your business is worth, and what the exit strategy might look like. We have helped hundreds of owners successfully navigate the valuation, preparation, and sale of their business

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Dustin Audet

Business Broker

Landscaping, B2B, Hospitality, & Automotive

Dustin Audet has been in the hospitality and customer service world for nearly twenty years.

Growing up in the Aspen Valley, he got into snowboarding at a very young age. His love of mountain sports led him to help some friends open Radio Boardshop. He then pursued an opportunity to work in an outside sales position with Ride Snowboards, controlling the Rocky Mountain territory.

After a few seasons on the road and meeting his lovely wife, we settled in Denver. Seeing a few gaps in the marketplace, they built up several small businesses, a coffee shop, restaurant, liquor store, and four non-toxic nail salons. But seven businesses and two kids later, it was time for a change.

Since they can't give away the children, he and his wife sold their businesses and searched for a new career opportunity. He soon identified business brokerage as a career that could take all of the skills and small business experience he has acquired over the years and focus them into a purposeful, community resource for Colorado and Texas entrepreneurs.

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Chris Cantwell

Business Broker

B2B & B2C Service Businesses, Construction, Logistics, Staffing, Hospitality, & Mountain Resort Communities

Chris Cantwell is a Certified Business Intermediary and Broker with Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain.

Chris brings 20 plus years of small business experience to Transworld via franchising and working shoulder to shoulder with privately held business entrepreneurs.  Having worked for visionary entrepreneurs Ted Turner, George McKerrow Jr. and Norman Brinker taught Chris about being bold in your dreams and passionate about achieving success. Chris is diverse in working with buyers and sellers in all industries including service businesses serving both B2B and B2C customers. He serves as President of the Board of the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries (CABI), is an active volunteer with Junior Achievement - Rocky Mountain and has memberships with additional small business advocacy associations and boards. Chris was raised in the foothills of Golden, CO, and is a graduate of Metropolitan State University of Denver. He enjoys spending time with his family and two daughters who are avid skiers, golfers, and competitive dancers.

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B2B and B2C businesses of all types and sizes

Patrick Bombardiere is a Senior Broker, Partner, and Owner with Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado.

Patrick is a Denver area native whose family owned and operated a successful small business for over 25 years. Patrick worked for his family's business from the age of 8 through college. Additionally, he and his wife own and operate a small business in Denver currently as well. Patrick also has over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry in Colorado, working in all aspects of commercial real estate including with landlords, tenants, and developers. He has helped clients with site selection, lease negotiation and openings for locations in 4 states. He has also been a partner/owner of a residential mortgage company in Colorado as well.

In his career as a business broker Patrick has helped clients sell businesses with sales prices ranging from $50,000 to over $7 million, in a wide variety of industries. He prides himself in being able to help business owners identify what their business is currently worth and who the most probably buyer would be. Patrick is a graduate of Metropolitan State College of Denver with a major in Marketing. In his free time, Patrick enjoys golf, cycling, tennis, hockey, hiking and, of course, spending time with his wife, Beth, and their two adult children.

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Alex Dvorak

Business Broker

Distribution, Ecommerce, B2B Services, Staffing, and Project-Based Businesses

Alex Dvorak joined Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado in early 2018 as a Business Broker, where he works directly with small business owners, helping them to exit or acquire a business.

Alex brings years of experience in running operations in the coatings industry. During this time, he helped hundreds of small business owners learn how to grow their businesses in size and profitability. He is currently the president of Mile High Young Professionals (MHYP) where he has grown the organization into the largest YP group in the rocky mountain region with over 400 members.

Alex also serves on the board of directors for the Denver Advisory Board as the community outreach chair. Alex is a graduate of the University of Denver and came to the Mile High City in 2010 to join a growing small business community and enjoy all of the great outdoor activities such as camping, skiing, and fly fishing. Since starting with Transworld, Alex has consistently created incredible results for his clients, closing on dozens of acquisitions in many different industries.

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Axel Fleischli

Business Broker

Agriculture, Heavy Machinery Sales&Rrentals, Salons, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Automotive

Axel Fleischli graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business & Economics.

He also studied Marketing at the SKEMA Business School in France. Axel is very familiar with the life of a business owner, having come from a family of many entrepreneurs, working at several of his father's companies from a young age. He started his own business shortly after graduating college and transitioned into business brokerage from there to support his fellow entrepreneurs from a more comprehensive standpoint. In his free time, Axel travels frequently abroad, recently spending some time in Asia. A longtime soccer player, Axel captains a soccer team in Denver and stays very active racing mountain bikes, skiing, kayaking, hiking.

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Cade Beerman

Business Broker

B2B and B2C Businesses, Service, Retail, Transportation, and Construction

Cade Beerman is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors.

Cade grew up on Colorado's Western Slope before coming to Denver. After graduating from Colgate University, he spent twelve years in the kitchens of some of New York City's finest restaurants.

When the Rocky Mountains called, Cade returned home and joined the Big Red F Restaurant Group in Boulder with an opportunity to direct purchasing for the group of thirteen restaurants. Cultivating supplier and purveyor relationships expanded his professional perspective. Twenty-five years in hospitality has honed and refined Cade's core value of exceptional customer service.

Frontline consumer interaction and first-hand understanding of the challenges facing independent owner-operators led him to Transworld Business Advisors as a Business Broker and advocate for small business owners, buyers and entrepreneurs.

Cade has volunteered with various local charities including There with Care, Project PAVE, and Clayton Moonbeam Harvest. He speaks fluent conversational Spanish, loves tacos, and enjoys hiking and skiing with his wife and nephews.

(720) 780-8665

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Charley Mitchell

Business Broker

Healthcare and Life Sciences, Health & Wellness, and Local Brands and Products

Charley Mitchell started her career as an equity trader and then moved into Training & Development for Morgan Stanley in New York.

Next, she was a Communications Manager and Strategic Planning professional for Citigroup's retail banking and mortgage division, gaining valuable knowledge about the lending industry.

To spend quality time with her husband and family, she owned a real estate firm in the Midwest, specializing in investment properties, before she and her husband settled in Denver to pursue their love of skiing, camping, hiking, and all things outdoors. She was also a college soccer player (All American- Honorable Mention) and still loves to train young players today in speed, agility, and ball skills.

(720) 656-2314

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David Wechsler

Business Broker

Consumer Goods & Services, B2B, Retail, Hospitality, Construction, and Trades

David Wechsler is a Business Broker/Advisor with Transworld.

With over 35 years of business experience spanning the consumer goods & services, retail, hospitality, sports, tourism, and entertainment sectors, David brings a wealth of wisdom to his Transworld clients…and valuable insight into the intrinsic value of a seller’s business assets or a buyer’s strategic acquisition target. David has honed his diverse skills as a Senior Director and C-level executive with several small and mid-market multi-unit businesses. As an entrepreneur, he strategically merged one of his own start-up businesses, with another early-stage business and helped rapidly springboard the new entity into a $650M, (NASDAQ) company, via an aggressive M&A strategy.

David’s passion for preserving main street businesses as an important part of every community’s social fabric led him to a career as an SMB consultant, coach, and facilitator, working hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs and business owners through initial start-up, transition, measured growth, and profitable exit. He has a proven history of generating positive financial results for principals, owners, and investors. David serves and has served on several for-profit and non-profit boards including the Board of Directors for Denver Film, the Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT), REACH Colorado, The Wave Foundation and The Ramble Collective.

David is a Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Professional, a member of the Denver Metro and Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), and the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries (CABI). He is a mentor with "E for All", a business accelerator for underserved and under-represented communities.

When free-time presents itself, David enjoys riding fast on anything with two wheels, skiing, golfing with his adult boys or preparing a gourmet dinner for his wife.

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John Woodhull

Business Broker

B2B & B2C services, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services

John Woodhull is a Business Broker with Transworld - Rocky Mountain.

John's work experience began in finance-related positions with large corporate enterprises in telecommunications, money management, and defense contracting industries. In 2005, John took the long-awaited opportunity to establish his own small business, which he sold with Transworld in 2017. Having run his own business for 12 years, John understands the rewards and challenges involved in business ownership and development. At Transworld, he helps small business sellers realize their return on investment and helps match buyers with great companies. John has lived in Colorado since 1993 and holds a BA from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business. In his free time, John likes to spend time with his wife and four sons in the great Colorado outdoors!

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Keith Marlow

Business Broker

Mountain Resort Businesses, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, B2B & B2C

Keith Marlow is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors

Keith resides in the Aspen Valley and has decades of business experience along the Western Slope of Colorado. With 25 years of combined business and real estate transactional experience, he knows how important deal fundamentals are to ensuring the successful outcome of each business sale. Keith has also participated in the start-up of four successful companies and understands the unique perspectives fostered by buyers and sellers. Keith graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.A. Degree in Finance. Keith, his wife Michelle, their two kids and two yellow labs, live along the banks of the Roaring Fork River and love to kayak in the summers and ski in the winters.

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Mike Krieger

Business Broker

Construction, Automotive, Home Services, Technology, & Entertainment

Mike Krieger is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain.

Mike is a Denver native who has 20 years of experience in all levels of small business operation including management, and marketing strategy. After helping develop and scale two family-owned small businesses, a production company, and a neighborhood bar & grill, Mike decided to put his ownership experience to work as a Business Broker. Because of his prior career experience, Mike is highly passionate about his role with Transworld and helping others achieve their goals of buying a business or selling a business. In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, hiking & biking the vast network of Colorado trails, and anything else the great outdoors has to offer.

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Roger Smolik

Business Broker

B2B & B2C services, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services

Roger Smolik is a Business Broker for Transworld, with substantial experience in sales, consulting, capital facilitation, operations, and executive management.

Previously Roger worked in financial securities with several international firms in California and later owned and operated a boutique investment brokerage. His participation and directing of public and private equity financing encompassed numerous start-up, incubation, second round, and mezzanine financing projects in energy production, geothermal energy development, the entertainment industry, real estate, and resort development, discounted bank debt note conversion, as well as emerging and green technologies financing. Transworld provides him an opportunity to continue to be engaged with the essential elements of the business that have always inspired and fascinated Roger – the ongoing cycle of business incubation, growth, maturation, and economic payoff through an eventual sale, merger, or expansion. Originally from the Twin Cities, Roger attended Bethel College, (now Bethel University), in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

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Ross Haymes

Business Broker

Construction Trades, Professional Services, Small Manufacturing, Distribution, & Billing and Collection Services

Ross Haymes is a Certified Business Intermediary with Transworld.

He draws on decades worth of experience in corporate finance and entrepreneurship to guide buyers and sellers in the direction of their goals. During his successful 20-year career with NYSE-listed Burlington Industries, Ross served as an economist before becoming Investor Relations Director. In that role, he dealt with Wall Street analysts and money managers daily.  After a hostile takeover, Ross decided to take control of his own destiny and become a small business owner. Acquiring and running his own business has given Ross a hands-on understanding of the challenges that face the small business owner. In his current role at Transworld, he draws on his experience in finance and as a small business owner as he works directly with entrepreneurs to guide them, step-by-step, through the buying, growing, and selling of their companies. An avid "Colorado aficionado," Ross enjoys cycling, hiking, ski racing, and volunteering as a racecourse worker for World Cup events.

(720) 504-7120

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Tatiana Demoraes

Business Broker

B2B & B2C services, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services

Tatiana DeMoraes is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain.

She has a decade of work experience in commercial real estate and management, representing the largest landlord in New York City. During this time she became involved with local entrepreneurs and coached women to achieve their business goals with a purpose driven strategy.

Tatiana has spent extensive time abroad living in Europe, Australia, and South America. In 2016 she explored her passion for travel and embarked on a six month solo trip around the world before reaching her final destination of Denver. She’s a self proclaimed foodie who loves to cook and entertain. She makes it a point to ski in the winter as much as possible and loves the diversity of activities the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

(720) 664-4474

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Taylor Bombardiere

Business Broker

Home-Service Businesses, Automotive & Salons

Taylor Bombardiere began as an Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain in 2019.

A Colorado native, Taylor has an excellent understanding of the Front Range business landscape. Growing up in a home with small business-owning parents, Taylor understands the challenges and rewards that come along with “being your own boss,” which help him bring a knowledge-based perspective to his client support. It is this background that led Taylor to seek out a career in business brokerage. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in marketing and real estate, Taylor is prepared to help represent small business owners and help them achieve their exit goals. When not at work, Taylor enjoys playing hockey, golf, and lacrosse, and rooting for his favorite football teams on Sundays.

(720) 547-3111

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Tyler Bowman

Business Broker

Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering, B2B and B2C

Tyler Bowman joined Transworld as a Business Broker after realizing his passion for helping the Colorado business community buy, sell and grow businesses.

He spent his formative years working in multiple family-owned companies which helps him understand the unique joys and challenges facing entrepreneurs every day.

Tyler has a BA in Business Finance, is fluent in Spanish, and has experience selling businesses in various industries. In his free time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer, snowboarding, and traveling.

(720) 506-4977

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Cole Ritchey

Business Broker

Cole Ritchey is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain.

He started his career off as a salesman in his family’s manufacturing business at the age of sixteen, where he worked trade shows around the country. During his time with his family’s business, he worked as a sales representative and a senior marketing & management consultant. It was this experience that brought him to the realization that he wanted to own his own company.

Since then, he has owned and operated businesses within the medical, real estate and oil industries. These experiences, and the subsequent challenges they presented, shaped his passion for helping small business owners achieve their goals.

As a true a Colorado native, he understands the challenges faced by Colorado’s small business owner and seeks to use his experiences for the benefit of those around him. Currently Cole, lives in northern Colorado, where he spends his free time with his family, exploring the Rocky Mountains and pursuing his love of health & fitness.

(720) 722-9098

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Scott Nelson

Business Broker

Scott Nelson joins Transworld after spending most of his professional career in the financial services industry.

Scott called on financial professionals running their own practices, consulted with them and helped conduct marketing events with his customers. He did own and operate his own small business as he sold solar powered attic fans and attic insulation to bring homeowner's energy costs down. His passion lies in doing what's right for the client and when matching a buyer and seller that becomes paramount. Scott is active with Wellspring Community in Castle Rock where his daughter used to attend a day program for special needs adults. Born & raised in Iowa, he graduated from Wartburg College and moved west to Colorado in 1986. He instantly fell in love with the beauty of Colorado and has never left. He has two grown children and in his spare time you can find him on the golf course or a sporting event.

(720) 817-4469

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Eric McMaster

Business Broker

Eric McMaster is a Colorado native who brings 20 plus years of business experience to the company.

He spent his formative years working in multiple family-owned companies which helps him understand the unique joys and challenges facing entrepreneurs every day.

Tyler has a BA in Business Finance, is fluent in Spanish, and has experience selling businesses in various industries. In his free time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer, snowboarding, and traveling.

(720) 894-8440

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Greg Noble

Business Broker

After a decade of commercial banking and consulting experience with the FDIC, Colorado Division of Banking, and Wells Fargo, Greg Noble wanted to get back to working more closely with small business owners and have a more direct impact within the local community.

He saw business brokerage as a great opportunity to combine his financial experience with his desire to engage with local business leaders and help them navigate the transition to the next phase of life. Having grown up assisting with his father’s veterinary clinic, he’s seen firsthand the rewards and challenges that come with small business ownership. Outside of work, he enjoys skiing, playing golf, watching college football, and anything to do with water.

(720) 896-7271

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Lacy Jo Ward

Business Broker

Lacy Jo Ward was raised on the Eastern plains of Colorado in a farming and ranching family instilling a deep love of the outdoors.

Her family raised purebred Charolais cattle and Quarter horses. Not only was I blessed to farm and ranch alongside my family, I also had the good fortune to work in sales for my family’s company, Ritchey Livestock ID, traveling throughout the US and Canada selling livestock identification and roping products. I know how blessed I am to have grown up the way I did.

Few get to experience what it is to be in an office and then on the back of a horse that same day. It’s a tremendous privilege to grow up on land and to have been a part of a family business. With great passion I make it my life’s work to pursue the preservation of farming, ranching and small business. Three areas of industry that remain the backbone of this country and three areas I desire to see thrive for generations to come.

(720) 792-2225

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Bob Buckler

Business Broker

Bob Buckler is a Business Broker and Transworld Business Advisor who helps small business owners solve problems and achieve their goals.

He has a global network of buyers, sellers, and investors and specializes in business consulting and negotiation. As a partner at Transworld, Bob brings industry experience and knowledge to the table, making him a trusted advisor to help clients achieve their goals and succeed in both business and personal life. Bob has experience in real estate, sales, mergers & acquisitions, business development, leadership, manufacturing, strategic leadership, business analysis, business planning, business-to-business, and small business.

(303) 641-5659

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Tali Levin

Business Broker

Tali Levin is a business broker with Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado, and boasts over 30 years in the automotive industry. She's a seasoned professional and a passionate advocate, especially for women and small business owners.

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, Tali has combined her instinct for advocacy with her vast industry experience to establish herself as a distinguished business broker. Owning two small businesses herself, Tali's approach is always about understanding the "why" behind every transaction, believing that the underlying goal is often more profound than just the sale. This insight allows her to bring the right qualified buyers and sellers together, ensuring that each deal aligns with the client's vision. Her robust communication, negotiation, and networking prowess, underpinned by an extensive understanding of the market, competition, and economy, have earned her a reputation for trustworthiness and meticulous attention to detail.

Beyond her professional realm, Tali is a dedicated mother, still raising two incredible humans, with her eldest already forging his path in the world. Her zest for life extends to traveling, scuba diving, baking delectable bread, dancing to live music, crafting stained glass art, and nurturing saltwater aquariums. Tali's dedication to advocacy, her knack for strategic thinking, and her passion for fostering connections shine through in every endeavor.

(720) 853-4868

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Jim DeShayes

Business Broker

Jim DeShayes, CExP, CVB, CBI, graduated from the Rutgers University School of Business and launched his career by starting, building and selling a million dollar company in New York City.

With this real-world “MBA” Jim headed west and joined Sunbelt Business Brokers, the world’s largest business brokerage operation. Realizing his passion went beyond just selling businesses – he wanted to help owners leave their companies the best way possible, whether selling to an unrelated party, transferring to a child or employee, phasing out over several years, or something else altogether. So, Jim established Colorado Business Exchange in 2005. In 2023, Jim sold Colorado Business Exchange to Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado, and is now serving as a business broker.

In addition to being licensed as a real estate broker in Colorado and Wyoming, Jim is a member of the International Business Brokers Association, the Business Transition Academy, the Business Enterprise Institute, the Galliard Family Business Institute, and the Value Builder System, among others. Jim has also earned these prestigious designations: Certified Exit Planner (CExP), and Certified Value Builder (CVB), Certified Business Intermediary (CBI). Jim currently serves on the board of directors of the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries.

Balancing his experience and expertise with honesty, integrity, curiosity, creativity and tenacity, Jim has helped countless business owners devise a plan, build value, and reap all of the rewards from the businesses they’ve built. Understanding that every business owner is unique, Jim takes the time to listen, truly understand their goals, and help them create a tailored path, balancing personal objectives with tried-and-true principles, to help each owner successfully transfer their company, as well as personally transition to the next phase of their life.

Jim lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Gina and two children. When he’s not helping business owners open new doors, he and his family enjoy the great outdoors of the Colorado Front Range, Foot Hills and Rocky Mountains.

(970) 494-0264

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Elise Mariner

Business Broker

Elise Mariner is a Business Broker for Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado.

Elise joins Transworld Business Advisors after a 20-year career in healthcare that spanned manufacturing, consulting, and small businesses. Elise has worked in and seen many different types of business environments throughout her career, from medical device manufacturing plants, to large multi-site service organizations, to product and technology companies leveraging advanced analytics. Most recently before joining Transworld, she held multiple leadership positions at a fast-growing healthcare services business and built many departments ‘from scratch’ while the organization grew from $100k to >$100M in revenue.

As a result she has imminent respect for and understands much of the day to day work of managing and building a small business – from implementing accounting systems and negotiating office leases to fielding customer service calls. She and her family have recently relocated to Southern Colorado and she is passionate about supporting main street businesses to ensure that local communities and economies can continue to thrive for years to come.Elise has her BS in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University, and her MBA and Masters in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time in the mountains, be that fly fishing, hiking, skiing or mountain biking. In addition, Elise loves playing and singing bluegrass music and can be found enjoying Colorado’s bluegrass music scene with her husband and two boys during festivals and events all summer long.

(970) 279-8850

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Kolby Klinkel

Business Broker

Kolby Klinkel is a business broker with Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado.

Kolby comes from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. After sixteen years in the corporate engineering field, Kolby ventured out and found himself in the non-profit sector.

The skills and knowledge he received during that time led him to find Transworld Business Advisors. Kolby hopes to help small business owners accomplish their goals. In his free time, Kolby is an avid basketball player and motorcycle rider and enjoys everything in the mountains.

(970) 355-4400

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Arthur Beisner

Business Broker

Arthur Beisner is a Business Broker with Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado, dedicated to supporting business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Denver Metro area.

Arthur has over a decade of management and marketing experience in the association and property management industry. From advocating for the interests of a diverse range of clients to managing acquisition integrations in a fast-paced startup environment, Arthur brings a keen sensitivity and awareness of how important genuine care and attention are in fostering successful transactions for everyone involved.

Outside of business, Arthur spends his time soaking up Colorado’s sunshine and exploring the great outdoors with his wife, Eleen, and their two dogs. He also enjoys golfing and writing and producing music. Arthur has a passion for people and believes small businesses are the backbone of a thriving community.

(720) 343-5916

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Travis Pickern

Business Broker

Travis Pickern, is a Business Broker for Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado.

Travis Pickern is a father of three boys and a girl who absolutely have his heart and wallet. He loves the outdoors, golf, fly fishing, and traveling. Over the course of his career, he has held many positions. Most recently, he sold his Dutch Bros Coffee franchise locations in Colorado Springs. Travis grew his franchise from roughly $1.9M per year in sales to nearly $10M per year.

He has served on the board of directors for the Boys and Girls Club of the Pikes Peak region and spearheaded giving back over half a million dollars to the local community during his tenure as a franchise owner. He grew the social media following over 20x, paving the way for additional locations in the area. Travis was a front runner in new processes and product offerings, serving on various company committees over time. He led the growth of special event marketing for Dutch Bros Coffee in the early days, coming up with new offerings, including the blue raspberry flavor, which is one of the company's most popular today. Before Dutch Bros, Travis held various jobs in sales and finance. He has passed the Series 7 and 66 licenses and holds certificates in financial accounting and entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School.

(720) 608-3934

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Susan Peterson

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Susan Peterson joined Transworld as Sales and Marketing Coordinator in February 2022. She supports the sales team, VP of Operations and Sales Directors.

Susan has a long history in conference planning and hotel management. After taking time off to raise two now competent and independent teenage girls with her husband, she rejoined the workforce in 2015. In her most recent role, Susan worked as a Virtual Business Assistant with Mod Assistants. This provided her the opportunity to work with TransWorld brokers prior to joining the organization. She is excited to now be a full-time member of this dynamic team.

In her free time, Susan enjoys running, working out, reading and spending time with family and friends.

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Lisa Schmidtetter

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Lisa Schmidtetter was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA

She received her bachelor's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Duquesne University. She always had a desire to get into the real estate world before college and just a couple years after graduating from college, she quickly learned she had a real passion for real estate.

She's worked in commercial and residential real estate for three years, working in administration, marketing and social media and management. Two years into her real estate career, she helped start a real estate brokerage in Pittsburgh, PA. Having been a part in the business opening, creating all of its marketing and social media, they successfully grew the business to have 10 agents. And it's still growing. Working with this company was a great opportunity for my career in business and real estate as it allowed her the opportunity to learn how real estate transactions work and how to learn, manage and grow business processes. After managing that office for almost two years, she decided to move to Dallas, TX, a place she’s always wanted to live.

In her free time, she enjoys running, yoga, being outdoors, and learning her new city!

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Jaime Palmer

Director of Digital Marketing

Jaime Palmer graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance.

She’s worked in various marketing and advertising roles since, gaining experience in many different industries.

In her free time, Jaime loves to explore the beauty of the world, whether that is in the mountains of Colorado or in other countries. She also loves to spend as much time as she can with family, friends and her dog Riley.

Abby Schnagl

Marketing Operations Specialist

Abby Schnagl graduated from Texas Tech University with dual bachelor’s degrees in Media Strategies and Public Relations.

She quickly transitioned into the fast-paced world of the healthcare staffing industry, where she played a pivotal role in developing their Marketing Department. Abby is all about making things run smoother and helping everyone get work done in the most efficient ways possible. She is passionate about understanding the customer's journey and ensuring that everyone's experience is high-quality. Abby loves creating fun and welcoming content that makes people feel right at home. She’s big on teamwork and always ready to switch gears and try new approaches to achieve the best results.

Off the clock, you'll likely find her with her golden retriever, Teddy. Abby loves traveling, meeting new people, and is always on the lookout for her next adventure!

Amy Sailors

Buyer Representative

Amy Sailors was born and raised in Belton, Texas.

She received her B.S. from Tarleton State University, and her passion is helping to meet the needs of and advance the goals of others with whom her path crosses.

In 2018, she married her best friend, Alan; they live together with their dogs, horses, cattle, and whatever else wanders across the farm/ranch. In her spare time, she enjoys all things outdoors, quilting, birding, diving into the world of AKC field trials, and finding the little joys in each moment.