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OLD Are You a Serious Buyer?

Has owning a business always been a dream of yours? Transworld Business Advisors - Rocky Mountain is here to help! Our buyer services are always complimentary and our brokers, many of whom have been business owners themselves, can speak to our process, help you identify a business and support the following negotiations.

If you're a serious buyer, then here are your next steps!

1. Check out our white paper titled, "How to Be a Serious Buyer (Or Know If You Are One)." This article shares our top 6 ways to commit to the buyer process while taking actionable steps for turning your business ownership dreams into reality.

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2. Sign up to receive our most up to date business listings. This is a really important step, because not all of our listings make it to the general public - some of our listings are too confidential to share. For the best access to listings, we highly recommend joining our listing newsletter.

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3. Take a look through our white paper titled, "How to Access Deal Flow: A Buyer Discussion." Through this article you will learn how to gain access to deal flow, and essentially open the door to great business opportunities!

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4. The final step towards becoming a serious buyer is scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced business brokers. Many of our brokers have been business owners themselves, so they've been in your shoes and are ready to lead you through a business purchase.

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Are you a serious buyer? Would you like access to listings before they hit the general market?

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